Jordan on a budget

Traveling in Jordan can add up, and most travelers are always looking for ways to save money or avoid being taken advantage of in a foreign place. While there are some unavoidable costs in Jordan (entrance to Petra for example), others can be reduced or avoided altogether. For cost-conscious travelers, here are a few tips to explore Jordan on a budget.

Enjoy the street food in Jordan

The street food in Jordan is not only inexpensive, but it is also, in fact, some of the most delicious food in the country. From hot and crispy falafel to shwarma and hummus, it is very easy to dine cheaply in Jordan. While there are, of course, fine dining restaurants it is easy to keep costs low by simply eating street food which is also very fresh. Additionally, eating mezze-style dining is a great way to get bang for your buck. By eating many small dishes and salads many rich with nutrients and protein from the chickpeas, lentils and fuul beans along with the meat, it is easy to stay full all day from eating just one large meal. Eating in this manner is a great way to not only explore but also taste Jordan on a budget.

Tasty Knafeh in the streets of Amman

Souq Markets

Exploring in the Souqs (markets) is a highlight of Jordan and one of the best ways to experience the culture. From fresh fruits and vegetables to nuts and spices, it is easy to stock up on some basic ingredients to keep while traveling. Prices in the souq are inexpensive and often negotiable making it the perfect place for those looking to explore Jordan on a budget. From Amman to Aqaba, Souq shopping is an inexpensive experience to be had in Jordan. Make sure to pack some cash, because most souqs don’t accept card.

Visit the free museums in Jordan

Since there are many archeological and historic sites in Jordan, it can be hard to choose which ones to visit. Beyond this, there are many museums showcasing ancient treasures and findings. Knowing which museums are free and do not require an entrance fee is one of the best ways to explore Jordan on a budget. It is worth noting that some of the free museums come with entrance to other museums, so it is the way to see the most for the least amount. Some free museums include Umm Qays Museum (Included in the archaeological city entrances fees), Mazar Islamic Museum and The Museum of Jordanian Heritage.

Join a tour of the Dead Sea

Visiting the Dead Sea while in Jordan is a must! It would be silly to travel all the way and not make a visit to the famous Dead Sea. Unfortunately, there is no public transportation available, meaning it is most cost effective and safe to join a tour or group transportation to the Dead Sea when exploring Jordan on a budget.

Relaxing at the Dead Sea in Jordan

Join a group to explore Petra

Like the Dead Sea, Petra is a must when traveling in Jordan and a site not be missed. Arranging transportation can be difficult and joining a group tour of Petra is another great way to see Jordan on a budget, as well as meet other travelers and work directly with local guides. Exploring with a guide provides a deep insight and is the best way to maximize and time and visit all the sites of the ancient lost city of Petra.

Get a Jordanian SIM card

By simply purchasing a Jordanian SIM card, communication while traveling can improve. It is inexpensive and calls can also make experiences with taxi drivers more pleasant being able to communicate directly via phone, texting or Whatsapp which is a popular way of messaging in Jordan.

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