Street Food in Jordan

One of the best ways to try the local food on vacation is by sampling the street food. Street food in Jordan is fun, fresh, and homemade. Not only are you giving your money to local family businesses but you are also sampling some of the most flavorsome dishes in the country.

Where to Find Street Food in Jordan?

Street food in Jordan can easily be found in cities, towns, and villages across the country. There are even a small number of street food stalls in the archaeological site of Petra.

Traditional Jordanian Street food: Falafel

In the capital city Amman, the best street food can be found in Jabal Amman. Amman is famous for its large number of steps. The trick is to walk down the steps in Amman and you are highly likely to find street food markets. As well as street food stalls, there are also a number of casual restaurants and cafes that are famed for their traditional street food dishes. Hashem Restaurant is located on Prince Muhammad Street in Amman. It is a casual eatery that has remained open for over 50 years. Hashem Restaurant is famous for its falafel amongst both locals and tourists. Typical dishes here include the breakfast favorite fuul, hummus, bread, and, of course, falafel.

Kaak at Salah ed-Din is a famous bakery that specializes in the Jordanian street food snack Kaak. Kaak is a type of sesame seeded bread that is filled with spices, cheese, and eggs. This bakery on King Hussein Street in Amman is very popular with the locals and a great place to visit for something to eat on the go.

Types of Street Food in Jordan


Although falafel is a traditional Egyptian food, it is also a very popular type of food in Jordan. In fact, Jordan is known for preparing some of the best tasting falafel in the Middle East. This small savory snack is made with ground chickpeas and spices. In Jordan, they can be eaten on their own, as a side, or as a sandwich filling. Falafel is served in many cafes and street food stalls across the country.


Knafeh is a delicious filling pastry that is made from creamy cheese, rose water, and sugar. It is usually eaten for dessert and consists of a tasty crunchy base which compliments the creamy topping. Knafeh is a popular Middle Eastern sweet treat that can be found in Jordan.

Tasty Knafeh in the streets of Amman


Fuul is a hot breakfast dish that consists of beans, lemon juice, olive oil, and chili, and is served with a flatbread. This is a warm and filling meal that is easy to find across Jordan and will give you the energy needed for a day of sightseeing.


Baklava is one of the most popular sweet foods in Jordan and it has also become very popular internationally. It is a filo based pasty with a layer of nuts and a pistachio and honey center. It is sold widely across the country and is a popular breakfast item.

Filling, tasty, and affordable, the street food in Jordan is definitely something that should not be missed. The best part of finding street food in Jordan is venturing away from the tourist tracks and delving into local neighborhoods and eating with the residents. Wherever you go in Jordan there will be plenty of street food delicacies to tuck into. Enjoy!

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