How to Buy a Local Sim Card in Jordan?

Buying a local sim card in Jordan is fairly simple and cost worthy. Rather than racking up a bill of international data roaming charges, opt for a local sim card and you can save lots of money. Jordan has a number of phone companies with brilliant prepaid packages for travelers. A local sim card is easy to find in Jordan and there are many options to choose from.

Where to buy a local sim card in Jordan?

In Jordan local sim cards are very easy to get hold of particularly if flying into the capital city of Amman. At Queen Alia International Airport, foreign visitors can find a mobile phone shop on the main floor of the arrivals section.

Zain is the main mobile phone company in Jordan so if you are unable to get your sim card at the airport, look out for Zain shops in the cities. These shops can also be found in Amman where English is more regularly spoken.

How to Buy a Local Sim Card in Jordan?


The main mobile phone providers in Jordan are Zain, Orange, and Umniah. Zain is the best option as it has many affordable packages aimed at foreign visitors and there are Zain shops located across the country. It is always best to check the packages online before visiting a shop to save time and help defeat language barriers.

How to buy a local sim card in Jordan?

In order to get a local sim card in Jordan, you will require two things – an unlocked mobile phone and a passport. It is best to get your mobile phone unlocked at home and then arrive at the store in Jordan ready to go. Staff will assist you but it is best to have a screenshot of the deal that you require so that you can show the member of staff without having any language difficulties.

If you go over your pre-paid package, mobile phone top-ups can be purchased at any shop with a Zain sign on the window. It is useful to know that a 16% mobile tax will be added to phone top-ups.

What’S Important when buying a local sim card?

The best option for travelers is to purchase a pre-paid local sim card. These pre-paid deals provide minutes, texts and data and will save more money than pay as you go options.

Minutes, Texts and Data

A package that includes minutes, texts and data can be purchased from Zain for as little as 9JD (12.50-13USD). A package like this will include enough minutes, data and texts to last an entire month.

Add a local sim card to your phone in Jordan.

Data Only

For those who only want to get onto the internet, upload their pics and make their friends jealous of their amazing adventures, a data only package is far cheaper than the all-inclusive deals. A one-day unlimited data only package with Zain costs just 0.5JD (0.70 USD). If you wish to use data for a whole month then the minutes, texts and data packages are far more affordable than data only.

All in All

A local sim card in Jordan is cheap and easy to use. Local sim card packages save far more money than using our own international contracts. Look out for Zain stores located at airports, cities, and towns to get hold of a great sim card package deal.

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