Money and Costs in Jordan

In comparison to other neighboring countries, Jordan is one of the most expensive countries in the region. This does not mean that visitors can’t get by on a low budget; it just means that you need to look out for more affordable places to eat and drink.

With so many historic attractions, ticket prices are fairly cheap as is local public transport. Costs in Jordan can vary depending on the destination so it is best to break down every category and make a realistic budget.

Currency in Jordan

The currency in Jordan is Jordanian Dinar (JOD) and it is pegged to the US Dollar. 1 US Dollar is the equivalent to around 0.70 JOD. The local Jordanian Dinar is also referred to as ‘leerah’. It is divided into 10 dirham, 100 qirsh and 1000 fulus. The currency can be exchanged from home in your country of residence or at airports or banks in Jordan.

Costs in Jordan are low compared to the western world

Costs for Accommodation

From guesthouses to high-end hotels, Jordan has accommodation options to suit all budgets. The average cost of a shared room in a guesthouse is around 25JD (36 USD) per night. An average double room in a four to five-star hotel is about 65 JD (92 USD) per night.

Costs for Transport in Jordan

Public transport in Jordan is very cost worthy and can help visitors keep their spending down. As the bus systems in Jordan are built for local people, expect affordable local prices. A half hour journey will only cost around 1 USD whilst a longer journey from Amman to the city of Jerash will cost around 1.25JD (1.80 USD). Car hire is also fairly affordable and will usually cost around 25JD (36 USD) per day for a standard car with air conditioning.

Costs for Sightseeing

When sightseeing in Jordan, budget for around 10JD for entrance into Jordan’s popular sites. The exception of this is Petra; as one of the wonders of the world, visitors should put money aside to visit this magnificent ancient site. A one day ticket to Petra is 50JD (71USD) or 55JD (77USD) for a two-day pass.

Tipping in Jordan at a restaurant

Costs for Food and Drink

Just like its accommodation, Jordan has many places to dine and caters for all budgets. Meals purchased at street food stalls and markets will cost under 5JD (7USD) whereas restaurants can be more expensive. A local restaurant typically charges around 5-10JD (7-15USD) for a meal with international hotel restaurants and haute cuisine costing considerably more.


Many higher-end restaurants include a 10% service charge on their bill. Otherwise, it is custom in Jordan to give back the change though it is not expected.

All in All

Money and costs in Jordan are easy to manage if you budget well. Travellers can experience Jordan with any budget whether they are staying in a five-star hotel or a hostel dorm. Self-catering accommodation is a good option for those on a very tight budget or those with dietary requirements. Visitors can purchase produce at local markets which will save even more money.