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Jordan Travel FAQ

  • Jordanian Sweets

    Jordanian Sweets and Desserts

    Want to know more about Jordanian Food? Here is a guide to Jordanian Sweets and Desserts ideal for satisfying a sweet tooth or the perfect treat to enjoy with a traditional... explore more
  • Jordanian Main Dishes

    Jordanian Food | Main Dishes in Jordan

    Food is a big part of the Jordanian culture seen in everyday life and celebrations. From street food to fine-dining, Jordanian food is inherently traditional, using authentic cooking methods and recipes... explore more
  • Best Family Hotels in Jordan Kempinski Hotel

    Best Family Hotels in Jordan

    Finding suitable family-friendly accommodation in Jordan is easy as there are many hotels to choose from, including 5-star resorts and luxury hotels. When looking for a family-friendly option that won’t break... explore more
  • Relaxing at the Dead Sea in Jordan

    Jordan on a budget

    Traveling in Jordan can add up, and most travelers are always looking for ways to save money or avoid being taken advantage of in a foreign place. While there are some... explore more
  • Celebrating Christmas in Jordan

    Christmas in Jordan

    Christmas in Jordan is celebrated across the country, but for those who are not religious, it is seen as more a celebration. Jordan is a Muslim country and it may surprise... explore more
  • Luggage storage in Amman

    Where to store luggage in Amman

    Finding places for luggage storage in Amman can be difficult as the options are limited. Both Queen Alia International Airport in Amman and the Amman Airport Hotel do not offer luggage... explore more
  • Petra Entry Fees

    The Petra Entry Fees are a significant expense and form a hefty part of the budget of any traveler visiting Jordan. Entrance to Petra is only permitted with a valid entry... explore more
  • Take a package tour of Jordan to visit sites like Petra

    Should You Take a Tour Package of Jordan?

    When visiting Jordan you might ask yourself whether you should take a tour package of Jordan – it is difficult to decide whether to take a tour package or to travel... explore more
  • Tasty Knafeh in the streets of Amman

    Street Food in Jordan

    One of the best ways to try the local food on vacation is by sampling the street food. Street food in Jordan is fun, fresh, and homemade. Not only are you... explore more
  • The Nightlife in Jordan has more to offer than expected

    Nightlife in Jordan

    With so much to do in Jordan in the daytime, it can be easy to forget about the nightlife in Jordan. The country may have some strict rules regarding alcohol but... explore more