The 6 Best Things to Do in Jordan on Your Once-In-a-Lifetime Adventure

A visit to Jordan is a special opportunity to experience this unique desert kingdom’s rich history, vibrant culture, and extraordinary landscapes. The best things to do in Jordan range from seeing the ancient city of Petra with its stunning rock-carved architecture, to the fantastical and otherworldly landscape of Wadi Rum, to the culturally-rich community of Amman. The best way to make decisions about which things in Jordan you want to see on your vacation is to seek out valuable insight into all the possibilities. Let’s look at the exciting opportunities that await you in this unique Middle Eastern vacation destination. 

1 )The Lost City of Petra – Best For Amazing Photos & Memories

petra things to do jordan

As Jordan’s most popular tourist destination spot, Petra deserves to be number one on your list of things to see. Of all the activities in Jordan to consider, this national treasure is an awe-inspiring experience. Petra, also known as the ‘Lost City,’ is an ancient compound carved in rose-colored sandstone cliffs, hidden away in a valley and surrounded by mountains. When most people imagine this marvel, they think of the elaborate temple called ‘The Treasury,’ but Petra has so much more to offer. You’ll find surprising discoveries around every corner of this vast ancient place. You can customize your trip to Petra by choosing a tour which fits within your time frame. 

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2) Wadi Rum: Best For Exciting Family Adventures 

Wadi Rum

If you are looking for family activities in Jordan, visiting Wadi Rum offers everyone an adventure in one of the most fantastic and otherworldly places on the planet. Wadi Rum, also known as the ‘Valley of the Moon,’ is so transcendent that this landscape is often used as a cinematic backdrop in Hollywood films. A visit here is a wild departure from the norm as you experience the rugged freedom of the desert. The best way to see Wadi Rum is to book a Wadi Rum Tour. Many customizable options are available that range from short day trips to overnighters, including a fantastic overnight stay at a Bedouin camp beneath starry skies. 

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3) Amman, Jordan’s Capital: Best For Fun Things to See & Do 

amman jordan things to do

Amman is a modern city with a rich and ancient history embedded in the fabric of the community—and it’s an exhilarating blend of culture, art, and history. In Amman, you can enjoy many exciting activities to enrich your understanding of this dynamic city. A visit to the Roman Theater or the Citadel, the home of the Temple of Hercules, gives guests a glimpse into Ammam’s illustrious past. A stroll through the lively neighborhoods is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the community. Street art, markets, shops, and cafes help complete the picture of Amman in a more intimate way. If you want a deep dive into the heart and soul of this city, consider an Amman Cultural Experience

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4) Jerash & Northern Jordan: Best For Exploring Ancient Wonders

Roma Ruins Jerash - Jerash & Amman Tour from Amman

The ancient cities of Jerash, Madaba, and Mount Nebo offer a unique opportunity to explore the ancient civilizations that inhabited the region over time. Each represents a fascinating look into an intriguing past. Jerash is the famous site of a well-preserved Roman city, where you can let your imagination wander as you stroll through the ruins. Madaba showcases Saint George’s Church, where you can view beautiful and luminescent Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics. Rounding off these pockets of history, there’s Mount Nebo, referred to in the Bible as where Noah was promised a view of the Promised Land. Today, it features spectacular countryside views all the way to the West Bank. 

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5) Dead Sea, Jordan: Best For Relaxing

Did you know that the Dead Sea is not a sea but an inland lake? The Dead Sea is not only one of the most beautiful places in Jordan, but with its hypersalinity, it’s also a tranquil spa-like break from the desert heat. Plus, its arguably more beautiful on the Jordan side than on Israel’s side, so you’re in for a treat. The mineral-rich and super buoyant waters are soothing, and guests enjoy the quiet reprieve from a busy travel itinerary. Rejuvenate your soul with a day trip to this unusual natural wonder. 

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6) Go Snorkeling in the Red Sea

Red Sea Cruise & Snorkeling Experience from Aqaba3

Give yourself a time-out from sightseeing and kick back with a relaxing day at the Red Sea with this cruise and snorkeling experience. Sail along the coastline, taking in the stunning views and stopping at some of the best snorkeling spots. Spot colorful schools of fish, coral reefs, and maybe even some dolphins!

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To See Everything There Is to Do in Jordan, Consider a Package Tour

What exactly makes Jordan such an incredible destination? Alongside the items listed here, there are many more hidden gems to explore in this diverse country. A great way to take in all the sites and add others not on this list is to arrange a package tour. With our package tours, you see all that you desire, and we can match the number of days that you have for travel. Here is information for reserving a three-day or a 10-day tour, each covering much territory, but there are tour packages of every length and interest for you to choose from

The must-sees in Jordan are indeed plentiful! It’s exciting to consider all your options. For more information on what to do and see, our Travel Guide is an excellent resource to guide you. 

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