How to Cross the Border from Jordan to Saudi Arabia

In the swirling sands and historical grandeur of the Middle East, Jordan and Saudi Arabia have emerged as appealing tourism hotspots. But how does one cross from Jordan to Saudi Arabia? The Jordan-Saudi border stretches 731 kilometers (454 miles), from the Gulf of Aqaba in the southwest to the tripoint with Iraq in the northeast. There are several modes of transport available – from flights to private transfers – read on to find out how you can cross the border from Jordan to Saudi Arabia.

Best Way to Get from Jordan to Saudi Arabia: Join a Tour

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In the ever-increasing ties between Jordan and Saudi Arabia, the plethora of experiences these countries offer has grown. An immersive tour offers you the chance to soak in the diverse attractions without worrying about complex logistics. At Tourist Saudi Arabia, we take pride in offering a variety of curated day tours and tour packages.

With the help of an expert guide, discover the wonders of the desert and travel back in time. This tour is crafted for those seeking a unique and opulent journey, allowing you to enjoy breathtaking landscapes and historical wonders stress-free. From October through March, this tour is available every day, with guaranteed departures.

Other Ways to Get from Jordan to Saudi Arabia

While tours provide an effortless and comprehensive experience, there are alternatives for those who prefer to journey independently.

How to Get from Jordan to Saudi Arabia by Land

Traveling by land from Jordan to Saudi Arabia is possible, mainly through private car transfers and taxi services. This mode of transport allows you to appreciate the unique Middle Eastern terrain. Though it might take a bit longer, typically around 15 hours to cover the 1447 km stretch, the journey is worth the time.

Another best way to get from Jordan to Saudi Arabia is by train, which takes 24h and costs $130 – $280. From Amman to Riyadh, you can take a bus via Amman Abdali Terminal, Buraydah, and Riyadh Central Bus Station. Bussing is an economical option, which costs between $85-$130 and takes approximately 26 hours.

From the east, there are three border crossing points with Saudi Arabia:

  1. Umari Border Crossing: It is 155 kilometers away from Amman and is open 24/7 throughout the year.
  2. Mudawara Border Crossing: It is located 322 km from Amman and is available 24/7.
  3. Durra Border Crossing: Located in southern Jordan, it is 349 km from Amman and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year.

How to Get from Jordan to Saudi Arabia by Air

Those who don’t have a lot of time to spare can take a flight from Jordan to Saudi Arabia in the quickest possible way. It takes on average, 2 hours to fly from Amman Airport to Medina Airport, making it a very pleasant journey. A flight is the fastest way to get from Jordan to Saudi Arabia, which costs between $260 and $460 and takes about 5 hours. However, this convenience comes at a higher cost. Several airlines offer flights to Jordan, including Royal Jordanian, Egyptair, and Saudia. Be sure to book a room at one of our luxurious hotels so you can sink into comfort upon arrival.

Passport, Visa Information, and Other Important Information

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For travelers crossing borders, it’s crucial to understand visa requirements. Jordanians frequently travel to Saudi Arabia, especially for Umrah and Haj pilgrimages. Visitors with a valid passport can obtain a visa at any Jordanian embassy or upon arrival at Amman’s Queen Alia International Airport.

Visa fees are 40 JDs ($56) for a single entry, valid for one month, and easily extendable at the nearest police station. It’s 120 JDs ($170) for multiple entries for a six-month, non-extendable visa. There are only a few formalities to follow when you leave Jordan: There is a departure tax of 10 JDs ($15) payable at any border crossing except those at the airports.

So, What is the Best Way to Get from Jordan to Saudi Arabia?

Navigating from Jordan to Saudi Arabia opens up a world of enchanting experiences. While each mode of transport offers its unique advantages, joining a comprehensive tour allows you to enjoy the journey hassle-free. Don’t miss out on exploring the marvels of both these captivating countries; check out our various tours available For more info on Saudi tourism, check out our great range of articles like the 6 Hidden Gems Of Saudi Arabia or 7 Best Archeology Sites in Saudi Arabia.

Staying at one of our luxurious hotels once in the country will ensure your stay is comfortable. Browse through accommodations in different cities, like Riyadh, Jeddah, and even Al Ula’s brilliant setting.

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