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    Wadi Rum
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  • Aqaba+General+8

    Best Hotels in Aqaba

    Join us as we visit some of the best hotels in Aqaba, and hope to assist you to find your perfect destination.
  • Wadi_Mujib_4

    Hiking in Jordan

    If you are someone who really wants to uncover local customs and culture, then hiking in Jordan is for you.
  • Al Khazneh Or The Treasury At Petra, Jordan-- It Is A Symbol Of Jordan


    Wonder of the World, the 'red rose city' is unrivaled and compares to nowhere on earth, one of Jordan's absolute highlights.
  • Panorama of Jerusalem old city. Israel

    Visiting Jerusalem from Jordan

    How to visit Jerusalem from Amman, Aqaba, and elsewhere in Jordan. Take a trip to one of the most magical cities in the world!
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    Wadi Rum

    The 'Valley of the Moon' is one of the world's most spectacular desert landscapes.