Top Bedouin Experiences in Jordan

The name for Bedouin people in Arabic translates to ‘desert dwellers’. These nomadic people have lived in the deserts for thousands of years and today there are around 4 million Bedouin. Bedouin culture and customs have become fascinating to western visitors and today the Bedouin people are very happy to share their traditions with visitors. In order to choose an authentic experience, we have handpicked the top Bedouin experiences in Jordan.

The best way to enjoy a Bedouin experience in Jordan is by visiting a local Bedouin village. Many Bedouin villages invite tourists into their tents to enjoy traditional food and customs and some tours, such as this Wadi Rum Jeep Safari Tour, include local Bedouins as guides.

Local Bedouin in Petra

Stay in a Bedouin Camp

In order to truly experience the Bedouin lifestyle, the best option is to stay overnight at a local Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp – for example with this Bedouin Experience Tour. Guests will get the chance to see inside a Bedouin tent and spend an evening gazing up at the stars in Jordan’s beautiful wilderness. Meet Bedouin families who will cook food the traditional way using a pit cooker. These experiences are a wonderful way to understand the way of life for Bedouin people. Tuck into the delicious food whilst listening to stories around a campfire. This experience is ideal for families and couples looking for something a little more unique.

Camel Trek

Travel like the Bedouin people and take a trek through the desert on the back of a camel. A camel trek will offer stunning views of Jordan’s most popular desert landscapes including Wadi Rum and even the World Unesco Heritage site of Petra. Visitors can also opt for a horse riding experience which usually costs around 25JD (35.36 USD) per hour.

Eat Bedouin Delicacies

Whether you visit the Jordanian wilderness or a bustling city, there are many Bedouin dining options. Bedouin food is heavily based on bread and rice dishes. The dishes consist of meat (usually goat or lamb) and yogurt. Traditionally, these meals are cooked in a pit oven or over a campfire. There are many restaurants that serve Bedouin dishes in a variety of settings. Those who wish to tuck into Bedouin delicacies in a more traditional way can eat with locals at a Bedouin campsite.

A Bedouin wandering in the Wadi Rum desert

Learn how to cook Bedouin Food

In order to really understand how Bedouin food is cooked, visitors can take a Bedouin cooking class. At Feynan Ecolodge in Dana National Reserve, guests can learn how Bedouin produce is prepared and gain an insight into traditional techniques such as cooking bread in the sand.

All in all – The Top Bedouin Experiences in Jordan

Whether you have lots of time, or, just a few hours, there are many Bedouin experiences in Jordan to choose from. The best way to fully understand the culture is to visit local Bedouin people and stay at a campsite. As well as learning about the Bedouin people, a night in a Bedouin tent offers the chance to relax far away from the 21st-century distractions.

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