Jordanian Hummus

Creamy, rich, filling and flavorful, hummus is a staple in Jordan. This delicious meal made from basic ingredients like chickpeas, lemon, garlic and tahini yields something that is so simple, yet so good. While there are many authentic hummus recipes found throughout Jordan, each has its own subtleties to create a unique flavor. While traveling in Jordan, one of the best ways to connect to the culture is through the food. Here is everything you need to know about Jordan hummus.

There is much debate over the origin of hummus, but one thing is certain that it is a Levantine food with Middle Eastern roots. Hummus in Jordan, and within the region is much different than North American of European hummus. In the Middle Eastern region, hummus is served as a meal rather than “just a dip”. It comes in a bowl, often personally proportioned per person, or shared amongst the table. Hummus is prepared fresh and topped with a variety of things, usually cooked chickpeas, olive oil, and seasoning but can also be topped with other vegetables and meat, and fresh herbs like parsley, mint, and sumac. Hummus is best enjoyed with fresh pita, but is also sometimes eaten with a raw onion or served as part of a mezze.

Jordanian Hummus

It is best to sample a few varieties of hummus in Jordan to see which style you prefer best. Some are served with more lemon, more garlic or other seasonings and spices. In Jordan, hummus can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner as the ingredients are all nutritious, healthy and filling. Additionally, part of the regional style of hummus in Jordan is eating hummus with yogurt. This is known as “Laban ma Hummus”. When the hummus is served in this manner, the yogurt is used instead of tahini which creates a different texture and taste, additionally, instead of olive oil, butter is used to create a richness that is creamy and delicious. This type of hummus is most often served with toasted or warm pita or bread on top and creates a whole new hummus experience.

Other ways to enjoy hummus is topped with pine nuts known as Hummus bi snobar, or Hummus topped with cooked lamb or other meat, known as Hummus bi lahme. Additionally, hummus served without the addition or yogurt or meat is a complete vegetarian/vegan meal which makes it very easy for vegan travelers to find nutritious and filling food while traveling in Jordan.

Eating hummus can be a very quick meal and easy to enjoy on the go amid sightseeing or taking a much-needed break while exploring throughout Jordan. Alternatively, a lengthy lunch can be enjoyed over a mezze of other dips and salads which is very nourishing and filling. Hummus is very filling as the ingredients are dense and full of vitamins and protein. On top of this, hummus is a relatively inexpensive food making it even easier to enjoy.

There is a lot to know about popular Jordanian food or where to get street food in Jordan but one thing is certain, eating hummus in Jordan is a must! Taking this Sayadieh cooking class with a local in Aqaba will give you another immersive experience of Jordanian food as well as this Amman cultural private tour.

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