The Dead Sea in Jordan

We have all heard of this renowned salt lake, its natural beauty, and healing qualities. The Dead Sea is a fabulous holiday destination and Jordan is the perfect setting for those who wish to experience the qualities of the lake in peace and quiet. At 423 meters below sea level, the Dead Sea is officially the lowest place on earth making it an even more fascinating destination to visit.

Also known as the Salt Sea, the Dead Sea is an ideal location for rest and relaxation with biking and hiking aplenty. A holiday to the Dead Sea provides an idyllic alternative to the bustling cities, with plenty of things to do for those who seek a little adventure.

The Dead Sea in Jordan offers wellness and relaxation

History of the Dead Sea in Jordan

The history of the Dead Sea traces far back to the Hellenistic Age and has featured in a number of biblical references including Noah’s Ark. The Dead Sea played a significant role during the rule of the Romans and ancient Greeks for trade and military purposes. Despite its commercial significance, the sea was closed to trade from 1453 until 1856 when it was reopened by the Treaty of Paris.

Today it remains a commercial hub and is a great source for local fishermen. With snorkeling, diving and bathing activities, a holiday to the Dead Sea is also very popular with both locals and tourists alike.


The Dead Sea boasts an impressive location, bordering both Israel and Jordan. It spans 67 kilometers long and up to 18 kilometers wide along the Jordan Rift Valley. Both Israel and Jordan boast many beautiful beaches that line the Dead Sea.

Jordan’s beaches are located in the northeast and are close to the hotel zone. The beaches in Jordan are far quieter than the larger resorts of Israel which make it a perfect getaway for couples. With plenty of tourist-friendly restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels it is an ideal destination for a holiday to the Dead Sea.

Things to Do at the Dead Sea in Jordan

From sunbathing to mountain hiking, when it comes to things to do around the Dead Sea, there are certainly a lot of options. For a Dead Sea holiday that is conveniently located then, Amman Beach is a good choice. This casual beach resort is located just one hour from the capital city itself and is far more basic than other nearby resorts.

A beach by the Dead Sea

For something a little more luxurious head to 0 Beach, nestled just 2 kilometers from Amman Beach. Here you can expect pristine beaches, plush spas and luxury poolside bars complete with local DJs. This area does not offer hotels however accommodation can be found just a short drive away. For an extra special experience, another option would be to stay in a large luxury tent complete with butler service and private Jacuzzi.

The Dead Sea Panorama Complex is a museum all about the Dead Sea. Nestled atop a cliff, this complex provides unforgettable views across to the Judea Mountains. Along with a museum, the complex also boasts a restaurant and a beautiful hiking trail that is accomplishable for all. The Dead Sea Panorama Complex is open daily from 8am-10pm and costs 2 Jordanian Dinar (3 USD).

Due to its high salt content, it is not possible to swim in the Dead Sea, however, it is possible to sit in the water and float – yes, we did say float. The high levels of salt in the water mean that visitors will literally float in the Dead Sea without needing to do anything. This unique experience is unlike any other and the best part is that it is free of charge. Just enter the water and let the Dead Sea do the rest. If you find yourself on the Israeli side of the Dead Sea, there are plenty of fun desert things to do.

How to Visit the Dead Sea in Jordan

For a holiday to the Dead Sea, you will need at least a week to fully appreciate the natural landscape and beauty of this area. Visit during spring or autumn to experience cooler temperatures and fewer crowds.

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