Best Shops in Amman

Shopping in Amman offers a variety of local, handmade souvenirs which are a perfect keepsake to remember your travels. Jordan has a rich history in trade within the Middle East region given its locale along trade routes both past and present. A wide array of spices, artisan pottery, crafts and handmade souvenirs can be found within the markets in Amman and in various stores and shops found throughout the country. Here is a list of some of the best shops in Amman and some of the souvenirs that are unique to the area that you will want to bring back to your friends, or keep for yourself.

Shams Shop adjoining Shams el Balad Cafe

Notably one of the best shops in Amman, Shams Shop is a calming and elegant environment, selling a wide range of fresh flowers and plants, pots, vases and unique gifts, home accessories and garden living items. The shop is stylishly designed and light fills the bright space with high ceilings and unique tile floors, it is easy to spend plenty of time perusing the items in Shams Shop. The store is adjoining to the Shams el Balad Cafe with an open courtyard which hosts group yoga sessions. The restaurant is vegan and vegetarian-friendly serving organic meals and is a front-runner in the new conscious health movement taking over Jordan. At el Balad cafe you can enjoy farm-to-table fresh meals infused with authentic Jordanian spices and flavors.

69 Mu’Ath Bin Jabal Street Amman, Jordan

Soap House Amman

Known for selling the local brand Trinitae products, the Soap House sells high-quality skincare lines and soaps. Located in one of the oldest parts of the city, the Soap House shop in Amman has a terrace filled with flowers and the lavender outside is just as fragrant as the inside of the store. Ranging in products for the face, hands, feet and body, the natural and high-quality products of this shop are certain to make excellent gifts as souvenirs or are worth purchasing to bring home to use. Here you can also purchase Dead Sea products and various scrubs and creams. If you are looking to buy some skincare products, the Soap House is one of the best shops in Amman to stock up.

Rainbow Street, Amman, Jordan

Relax in one of the many bathhouses in Jordan

Jordan River Designs Showroom

Filled with artifacts, high-quality crafts and handmade artistry, the Jordan River Designs Showroom is certainly one of the best shops in Amman and a must-see for visitors. This shop takes handmade, artisan crafts from all over the country, made by locals and sells the items to support the community. The shop is part of a program led by the non-profit organization – Jordan River Foundation which is chaired by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah. The store is part of an initiative to support the local community. The shop sells hand-done embroideries made by women in Jabal Nadeef, Madaba, and the Jordan valley. Along with woven baskets, pillows, pottery, mosaics and a wide array of crafts and gift items including larger items like furniture are sold in the store – and larger items can be shipped internationally. Enjoy time spent in this store, overlooking the terrace and sipping tea and coffee while you shop, you won’t want to leave empty-handed.

Al-Kabariti St. 43, Amman, Jordan

Shop Kama – Kama Local Gourmet

Committed to providing customers with the highest quality local products, Shop Karma is sticking to local roots and selling the finest regional items. A culinary adventure, this shop in Amman is a great place to stock up on some of the delicious flavors found in Jordan and a good way to connect to the local products of the area. Offering specialty items like Za’atar spice, crushed sumac berries, and pomegranate molasses, Shop Kama had a wide array of options for amateur chefs to culinary masters in the kitchen. Regardless of your skill, taking home some of these store’s products will leave the lasting memories of your time spent in Jordan in your taste buds and in your memories.

Samir Ar-Refai St. 53, Amman, Jordan

Things to purchase while in the best shops in Amman

Here is a list of some items that are worth purchasing in Amman’s best shops that are unique to the region and can be found throughout Jordan’s capital.

  • Spices – things like Za’atar and Sumac are much cheaper in the shops here and high quality, definitely worth buying to bring home with you
  • Pottery – hand painted pottery can be found throughout many shops in Jordan and is worth purchasing some of these unique patterns native to the region
  • Traditional Jordanian head scarf – If you want to channel your inner Bedouin, wear these traditionally red and white scarves called Keffiyah. These scarves are worn by the Bedouins to protect from the harsh sun in the desert
  • Mosaics – like the mosaics in St. Georges Church in Madaba, you can find beautifully handmade mosaic souvenirs and keepsakes in Amman’s shops

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