5 Experiences You Can Only Have in Jordan

Jordan is a magical and enchanting country, filled with ancient history, natural beauty and some of the most welcoming people in the world. It is easy to cross many items off a bucket list while traveling in Jordan as there are some unique sites and attractions that can only be found in this diverse country. Here are 5 experiences you can only have in Jordan.

See a Lost City

An exhilarating glimpse into the past, the lost city of Petra can be found only in Jordan. The ancient city, which is carved directly into the stone face with intricate facades in the pink sandstone tells a historic story. Dating back thousands of years between 400 B.C and A.D 106, Petra was once a Nabataean empire. Today, it stands as a tribute to the past and provides an exciting adventure. A visit to Petra something you can do only in Jordan and is definitely a must while in the region. You can join a tour of Petra to properly explore and learn all about the rich history.

Guide in Petra

Snorkel in the Red Sea

A visit to Aqaba will bring you to the Red Sea to partake in some of the world’s best snorkeling. A famous destination for the coral reef and vast diversity of sea life, the Red Sea is an ideal spot for water sports, swimming, and fun for all ages. To see some of the world’s best coral reefs and enjoy the underwater beauty, this is a special activity that can only be done in Jordan.

Spend a Night sleeping in the Desert with Bedouins

Another highlight and something you can only do in Jordan is visiting the protected Wadi Rum Desert. The desert is enchanting and magical both day and night, offering different perspectives and views. You can enjoy a memorable adventure amid a Jeep Safari in the desert, a thrilling hike or a mystical evening under the stars. You could make endless memories with the Wadi Rum Ultimate Bedouin Experience, one of the best ways to connect not only to the culture and the people but also to the environment.

Wadi Rum

Explore Desert Nature Reserves

Due to the unique climate and warm, temperate weather, Jordan offers a unique landscape. From mountains to flat desert and a wide assortment of flora, Jordan is committed to the preservation of land and climate. In Jordan, there are at least seven nature reserves which are protected by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature. This program also supports the animals in the region, protecting endangered species. You can explore, hike or visit these reserves and see some animals that only inhabit the region such as Persian onagers, Arabian oryx and some ostriches indigenous to the region. Seeing these animals in their natural habitat is something you can only do in Jordan.

Float in the Dead Sea

A float in the famous dead see is a must on any travel bucket list, and an experience you can have in Jordan. The Dead Sea is known for its salinity and concentration of minerals. The water is so salty that it is not possible to swim, instead, you can only float and feel completely weightless. The water is also surrounded by nutrient-dense mud that is great for the skin and complexion, creating an overwhelming sense of wellness and rejuvenation. While traveling in Jordan, a visit to the Dead Sea is a definite must!

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