Getting to Jordan

With daily international flights and plenty of overland transport options, getting to Jordan has never been easier. Whether you are flying from far afield or traveling to Jordan via a neighboring country, there are plenty of ways to get to Jordan.

Getting to Jordan By Plane

The main airport in Jordan is Queen Alia International Airport which is home to popular national airlines including Royal Jordanian. Visitors can get to Jordan by plane from almost any country on a daily basis. Visitors can fly directly into Queen Alia International Airport from many European cities including London, as well as North America and Asia.

Those flying from Austrailia, New Zealand, and South Africa should note that there are no direct flights into Jordan however it is possible to get a connecting flight via Thailand and other surrounding nations. The airport is located just 30 km from the capital city of Amman making it the best option for those who wish to get around easy.

Arriving in Jordan by plane at Amman Queen Alia Airport or King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba.

Getting to Jordan By Boat

For those who are comprising both Egypt and Jordan into their trip, it is possible to get into Jordan across the Gulf of Aqaba by ferry. Visitors can choose between the Meenagate ferry or AB Martime. Both companies depart from the charming coastal town of Nuweiba in Egypt and arrive in the equally beautiful city of Aqaba in Jordan.

From Aqaba, visitors can explore the ancient ruins and museums of the city before traveling onward to Amman or Petra. The Meenagate ferry departs from Nuweiba at 6 am and costs 85 USD one way or 125 USD return. The AB Martime provides both fast and slow routes with the fast route only taking one hour. The cost of the fast ferry is 70 USD for a second class one way trip or 90 USD for first class.

Getting to Jordan With a Tour Group

Another way to get to Jordan is by joining a pre-booked tour group. These tour groups are excellent if you wish to see more than one destination in Jordan and prefer someone else to organize it all. The tour groups usually consist of flights and overland transport through Jordan whilst covering the most beautiful sites.

Getting to Jordan Overland

For visitors who are exploring the historical sites of Israel and Egypt, there are overland border crossings into Jordan.
In Israel, there are three border crossings which cost around 100 ILS (30 USD) to exit from Israel or 8 JD (12 USD) to exit from Jordan.

Perhaps the most convenient border crossing is the Yitzhak Rabin Terminal/Wadi Araba Crossing. This crossing provides the shortest waiting times and is close to the city of Aqaba and coastal resort Eilat. As a rule, it only takes one hour to cross and visitors can obtain a visa from this terminal.

The City of Aqaba

The other border crossings into Jordan from Israel are the King Hussein Bridge (Allenby) Terminal and Jordan River Sheikh Hussein Crossing. Visitors cannot obtain a visa from the King Hussein Bridge and you should check opening times for each border prior to your visit.

To get into Jordan from Egypt, visitors will need to travel via Israel between Taba (Egypt) and Aqaba (Jordan). The journey is easy as there are no customs officials at the crossing between Egypt and Israel. From Taba, get a taxi straight into Eilat, Israel. From here visitors can cross into Jordan via the Yitzhak Rabin Terminal/Wadi Araba Crossing (details above).

All in all, getting to Jordan is fairly straightforward whether you are flying in from your hometown or crossing a neighboring border. Single entry visas can be purchased upon arrival at the airport or border crossings (excluding the King Hussein Bridge).

Find our full flight lists of incoming flights to Amman’s airport here and Aqaba, here.

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