How to Use Taxis in Jordan?

While there are many ways to get around in Jordan, sometimes using a taxi is the best option for transportation in Jordan. It may be surprising that given the size and population of the country, there is not a well-established system for public transportation in Jordan. For travelers that need to use taxis, here are a few helpful tips to understand how to use taxis in Jordan.

In the capital city of Amman, there are two options for taxis. The first is the standard option for yellow taxis that can be requested from the street side, or pre-ordering a taxi or ride share in advance. In Jordan, there is Uber and Careem both require apps to be downloaded in order to use and order cars or pre-arrange rides.

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how to use taxis in jordan

Payment for yellow taxis – to meter or not?

When using a yellow taxi in Amman, it is important to tell the driver you will pay at the end of the drive once reaching the destination. Once it has been established where the final destination will be, it is essential to make sure the driver has turned the meter on. It is possible to negotiate a price with the driver rather than using the meter, however, it is advisable to request the meter. By law, the drivers must use the meter and if they refuse to put the meter then it is acceptable to get out and take another taxi instead. Always ask for the meter to be on when using a taxi in Jordan.

A helpful tip for using taxis in Jordan is to keep pocket change handy. In general, drivers to do not accept cash over 5 JOD, if possible keep change in order to make payment easy and avoid requiring a large sum of change back from the driver.

Is tipping the driver necessary when using taxis in Jordan?

Tipping is not necessary however it is a kind gesture and will always be appreciated. Do not let drivers add any pressure as tips are not expected nor required, however, if a driver goes above and beyond it is always kind to give a tip as a gesture of good service.

Where to sit in the taxi in Jordan

While most foreign travelers are used to sitting in the back seat of the vehicle, in Jordan it is expected that passengers will sit in the front seat. It is important to note that this expectation is only for male passengers, and it is considered rude for a man to sit in the back rather than next to the driver. For female travelers, however, it is considered appropriate to sit in the back.

Be mindful of routes and time of day when using taxis in Jordan

Like any city, rush hour is unavoidable at certain times of day will always be busy on the roads. If possible, avoiding rush house and specific times of day in taxis will help to keep expenses down and avoid long delays with the meter on. Paying special attention to public holidays in Jordan can avoid major traffic. Additionally, Thursday evenings in Amman tend to be very busy.

An alternative to using taxis in Jordan

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