Do I need a tour guide in Wadi Rum?

The Wadi Rum Desert, also known as the “Valley of the Moon” is one of the most beautiful and enchanting deserts in the world. Many travelers and visitors to the region ask, “Do I need a tour guide in Wadi Rum” and the answer is yes! Here we will explain why it is best to explore the Wadi Rum Desert with the help of a guide.

Landscape in Wadi Rum

The vast landscape spans some 720 km and is filled with hills, sand dunes, crevasses, caverns, and canyons. The Wadi Rum desert is also home the Bedouin Community who have adapted to life amid the harsh desert conditions. The Bedouins are warm and welcoming people who live a humble nomadic life and take great pride in hosting guests, as hospitality is seen as an honor.

Do I need a guide in Wadi Rum

Due to the large size and diverse desert landscape of the Wadi Rum Desert, it is advisable to have a tour guide when exploring. The Wadi Rum desert is a dry valley covered mostly in sand and most often very hot and arid. It can be difficult to explore the area on one’s own due to the harsh conditions and size.

Activities with a tour guide in Wadi Rum

Visitors to the Wadi Rum Desert can enjoy a wide assortment of activities from hiking to rock climbing, camel rides and hot air balloons, ATVs and Jeep rides.

Since the locals have adapted to the desert conditions they are experts in navigating through the valleys and sand and understand the land better than anyone. Taking a Wdi Rum guided tour with a knowledgeable and educated guide is safer, more comfortable and allows for a deeper and more meaningful perspective of the land. Additionally, one of the best ways to experience the Wadi Rum Desert is by spending a night under the stars and enjoying the beauty of the desert once the sun has set.

Local Perspective

The local inhabitants have great respect for the land and the flora and fauna in the region, paying close attention with a focus on land preservation and protection.

There are many guided tours of the Wadi Rum Desert, including overnight accommodation with the local Bedouins. Joining our Ultimate Bedouin Experience tour is one of the most authentic ways to experience the Wadi Rum Desert. Beyond that, taking a Jeep Safari Tour in the Wadi Rum Desert is a great way to maximize on time and see as much of the park reservation as possible, with a little adventure.

Do I need a guide in Wadi Rum

While some solo travelers or more experienced travelers may be used to exploring on their own, Wadi Rum is one of the few places in the world that is best experienced with a tour guide. Part of the experience is meeting the local Bedouin community who live in the desert and have not only a connection to the land but are eager to show visitors the true beauty of the Wadi Rum Desert.

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