Crossing from Jordan to Israel via Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Border Crossing

Many travelers who visit Jordan wish to travel to Israel to visit sites such as Jerusalem and Bethlehem located within the neighboring country. Passing the land borders makes it easy for visitors to access Israel via Jordan. The Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Crossing is one of the border crossings where travelers can access Israel from Jordan, however it is usually advised to travel through Yitzhak Rabin/Wadi Arava Crossing.

How to get to the Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Border Crossing

The Sheikh Hussein/Jordan River Border crossing is located approximately 90 km from Amman. Many hotels in Amman will happily arrange a shared taxi service with other travelers to the border to cross from Jordan to Israel. At the Tabarbor Terminal/Mujamaa Shamali, you can also find taxis that will drive to the border. Alternatively, joining a group tour will help you cross from Jordan into Israel.

How to cross the Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Border Crossing

Upon arrival at the Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Border Crossing travelers will enter the building and walk directly to the exit booths. At the exit booths, a departure tax will be paid and then handed over for immigration processing. An exit tax must be presented with a passport to the processing officer. Once the passport has been processed, travelers will continue to head outside towards a bus stop where a shuttle bus will retrieve travelers and drive towards the Israeli Terminal. As the shuttle arrives, it is important to place all luggage underneath in the storage compartment of the shuttle bus and wait to be called to board the shuttle bus. Price for the shuttle is 1.6 JOD (approximately $2.50 USD). The shuttle will then transfer passengers to the Israeli side for processing. The procedure once on the Israeli side will also include a fee and passport checking.

Advantages of crossing from Jordan to Israel with a Tour Group

Traveling Jordan to Israel in an organized group tour can make the border crossing procedure easier and more efficient. Tours help to arrange border assistance as well as transportation and guiding. One of our most popular tours from Amman to Jerusalem crosses instead through the Allenby Bridge Crossing.

Panorama of Jerusalem's Old City in Israel

Times to Cross from Jordan to Israel

The Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein border crossing is open 7 days a week with the exception of Yom Kippur and the Muslim New year in which there will be border closures.

Sunday-Thursday open 06:30 – 20:00
Friday and Saturday open 08:00 – 20:00

Passport Requirements for Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Crossing

Always make sure you have six months of passport validity in order to enter from Jordan into Israel, as well as a blank page which is required for the entry stamp. You can obtain a 3 month visa upon arrival for Israel through Sheikh Hussein Crossing.

Important to note: Sometimes Israel will only grant access to areas in the Palestinian Authority which does not allow access to Jerusalem or Israel. Avoid getting this visa and be sure to ask and state clearly that you want to visit Israel and Jerusalem when crossing.

Exit Stamps When Exiting Jordan to Enter Israel

If you have originally entered Jordan by way of Queen Alia International Airport you will have an entry stamp to Jordan in your passport. If you plan to cross into Israel and do not plan to return to Jordan you will not have an exit stamp from Jordan which can sometimes seem suspicious of how you exited Jordan and shows that you entered Israel. To avoid this, you can tell the airport staff when you arrive that you plan to cross into Israel and ask for your visa on an additional piece of paper rather than inside your passport. This is not guaranteed and the airport security at the airport may not approve this request but you can ask.

Exit fees to cross from Jordan to Israel at Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein

Upon exiting Jordan the tax will be approximately 108 NIS (approx $32 USD – subject to change).

Israeli Stamping Procedure at Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Crossing

At the Sheikh Hussein Crossing, the Israeli border control generally stamps passports. You can ask them not to stamp inside your passport but make sure you are very clear when requesting this. It is not a guarantee, but if you ask clearly they will likely not stamp your passport. Rather than receiving a stamp, you will get a piece of paper where the stamp will show proof of entry and exit for Israel.

Currency at the Jordanian-Israeli Border

Both JOD and USD are accepted at Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Crossing. There is no bank machine, so it is vital to prepare all fees in advance for crossing.

Bathrooms and Food Services at Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Crossing

The Jordan River border crossing does not have any food at the so it is advised to bring snacks and food along for the travels, especially given the long amount of time it can take when using this border.

Getting around once you’ve crossed from Jordan to Israel

Once you have crossed the border from Jordan to Israel, depending on where you are going you can take the public buses or a taxi. It is beneficial to join an organized tour group which will not only offer border assistance but will provide transportation directly where you want to go once in Israel. This 1 day Jerusalem tour from Amman includes all transportation, guiding and border assistance and make much easier travel between Jordan and Israel.

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