Health / Medical Treatment in Jordan

In the unfortunate event that you require health or medical treatment, Jordan has a very successful healthcare system and doctor training programmes. Health and medical care in Jordan are very affordable compared to most western countries and the nation also has excellent medical facilities particularly in the capital city of Amman.

Before visiting Jordan travelers should check with their local GP to make sure that they have had all the necessary vaccinations. There are some illnesses in Jordan but with the correct vaccinations and medication, foreign travelers can explore the country safely.

Medical Treatment in Jordan is easily accessible.

Vaccinations in Jordan

Visitors should ensure that they have had all their routine vaccinations along with hepatitis A and typhoid. Visitors should also get vaccinations for diphtheria and tetanus and make sure that they have had an MMR injection. Those traveling through yellow fever infected countries must also have a yellow fever vaccination.

Medication in Jordan

In order to make sure that you have a safe and hassle-free trip, we recommend that you pack basic medicine and first aid equipment including paracetamol, plasters, hay fever or allergy tablets and insect repellent.
Those traveling with prescribed medication should be aware of the restrictions.

Medication should remain in their original boxes and you must carry a doctor’s letter stating the medical condition and the medication.

Pharmacies in Jordan

Visitors can find pharmacies across Jordan which store all the necessary first aid amenities as well as treatments for colds, bites and headaches. Visitors can also seek medical advice at pharmacies over the counters but not all pharmacies have English speaking staff.

English speaking pharmacists are more frequently found in larger cities rather than small towns. Visitors should also note that medicines containing codeine are not available over the counter unlike in western countries.

Pharmacies in Jordan can be found in any bigger city.

Health Insurance in Jordan

All travelers should have sufficient medical insurance before visiting Jordan. Visitors to Jordan should ensure that they have comprehensive medical insurance. Health insurance should usually cover emergency treatment but always check your policy.

As facilities are better in Amman, in most emergency cases a patient will be transported to this city. Jordan has an excellent national health service for residents and emergency treatments that do not require a patient to stay in hospital overnight are free of charge to both citizens and foreign visitors.

The Jordanian emergency services contact number is 911.

Water in Jordan

When visiting Jordan, travelers should avoid drinking water from the tap and instead opt for bottled water. Water bottles with a filter are also a good option as well as purification tablets. Filters and purification tablets can be used in tap water and tap water that has been boiled is also a safer option.

Jordan has excellent medical facilities and many pharmacies for over the counter medication. Travellers should always pack a basic first aid kit and ensure that any prescribed medication is sufficiently packaged with the correct documents. In general food and drink is safe to consume except tap water.

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