Jordan’s capital city of Amman is bursting with architecture, historical sites, and cultural gems at every turn. This city of Amman is considered more western and modern than other parts of Jordan. Amman is a metropolis with a growing population of around 4 million residents. Thanks to its sprawling size, the Jordanian captial has so much to offer tourists and locals alike. The city caters to every kind of visitor, from the history buff to the foodie. Our range of Amman tours will provide travelers with everything they need to explore the vibrant atmosphere and beyond.

Welcome to Amman, the capital of Jordan

A History of Amman

Amman was originally built on seven hills but has since covered the span of nineteen hills, divided into 27 zones. Each zone is named after the hill (jabal) or valley (wadi) that it lies on. Every zone has its own character and is home to diverse architecture, culture, and history.

Amman sits on the eastern side of the Jordan River – geographically similar to Jerusalem which sits on the ‘Western Bank’ of the Jordan River – and shares a similar climate as well. The overall atmosphere is bustling and presents brilliant views as it sits between the Judean Desert, and the northern part of the Dead Sea.

Eastern Amman is the historic side of the city featuring the famous Citadel and Roman Amphitheater. ‘Downtown Amman’ or ‘Jabal Amman’ is now dwarfed by the west of the city as a commercial center, but still houses the city’s largest souqs, museums, and cultural sites.

Western Amman is the new part of Amman, a more western style experience which in parts resembles Dubai. As a result, this part of the city has a large number of westerners and expats, and western style malls, restaurants, and hotels.

Visiting Amman

Amman Jordan Tours

Visiting Amman is an easy experience for a western traveler, as much of the city is geared towards visitors and English is widely spoken. The city’s main historic attractions include the Citadel, Roman Amphitheater, Jordan Museum, and Downtown (Balad) with Arab souqs, shops, and local specialties. Amman has a great array of hotels, from luxury five-star properties to budget hotels and hostels.

Amman’s Queen Alia Airport is around 30 minutes south of the city by road, accessed via shuttle bus or car. It is a growing regional airport with connections to Europe, the Middle East, and a small number of flights bound for North America and the Far East.

The best way to see Jordan’s capital city is to take one of our exceptional tours. These guarantee you will not only see the best of this vibrant city, but will also have a chance to explore more of the country and engage with other curious travelers while doing so.

Tours from Amman

Amman is also a great base for visiting the sites of the region. Surrounding landmarks like the Dead Sea, Petra, and Wadi Rum are all easily within reach. Our Jerash & Amman City Tour offers an exceptional glimpse into the past as you’ll tour archeological ruins from centuries ago. With a more immersive tour, like this Highlights of Jordan 2 day tour, that will give you incredible insight. For longer tours, consider our 7 Day Highlights of Jordan Package Tour or simply browse our list of exclusive tours from Amman to choose which is best for you.

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