Is It Safe To Drink Tap Water in Jordan?

Traveling in Jordan means exposure to dry, hot weather which is affected by the aridity of the desert surroundings and landscape. Regardless of the climate, when traveling, it is always important to stay hydrated, however, when in a hot, moistureless climate it is vital to make sure you drink enough water.

Is tap water in Jordan Safe?

In short, the tap water in Jordan is safe to drink and is classified as such, however, before you start sipping there is a little more to know about the water in Jordan.

things to know before tap water

Due to severe water scarcity in the region, there have been recent developments to improve the quality of the water that is available. While the water is drinkable and can be used for things like bathing, brushing teeth and washing fruits and vegetables, it is advisable to drink bottled water when possible. Although the water is clean and safe, it can taste a bit salty due and can sometimes have a peculiar taste.

It is worth noting that in most 4 and 5-star hotels found throughout Jordan, you will find that they have installed water purification systems ensuring that the tap water is clean and drinkable for guests.

One thing to keep in mind when traveling in Jordan and drinking water from plastic bottles is keeping the environmental implications of plastic in mind. Jordan does not have recycling initiatives or facilities, meaning plastic bottles end up in the garbage. If you plan to spend a long time in Jordan, it is advisable to bring water purification tablets, boil the water before drinking or bring a water bottle with a filter. If you are going for a short visit, it is recommended to drink water bottles. Always make sure the bottle is properly sealed before drinking.

Water bottles can be purchased from most convenience shops and stores throughout Jordan, but when traveling in more remote areas make sure to pack some water with you.

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