5 Things to Know Before Travelling to Jordan

Jordan is a safe country to visit with friendly people and relaxed rules and regulations, particularly for foreign visitors. Of course, all countries have different cultures and customs from what we are used to and it is best to be aware of these before traveling to Jordan in order to have the best experience possible.

Here come 5 things to know before traveling to Jordan:

1) Dress Code

Though Jordan is a modern nation, visitors should be aware that the country does have preferences on how people should dress. The general rule in Jordan is ‘respectable clothing’. This means that women should try to refrain from tightly fitted clothes and keep shoulders covered particularly in religious buildings. It is also unacceptable for men to walk around topless, no matter how hot the weather is.

How to dress in Jordan

2) Dietary Requirements

For those with particular dietary requirements including gluten free, vegetarian and vegan, it is best to do some research before your vacation. Those on a gluten-free diet should be aware that bread is a staple of many Jordanian dishes. A variety of bread is frequently sold on food markets so cross-contamination is possible particularly with street food. There is very little awareness of coeliac disease and gluten intolerance in Jordan so it is best to bring along gluten-free snacks and stay in international hotels which will cater better for specific dietary requirements.

There are some dishes in Jordan that are naturally gluten free so just do your research first. Vegetarians and vegans should also be aware that Jordanian cooking is heavily meat based. Even dishes that do not contain meat may still contain animal products so always check beforehand.

3) Water

Tap water is not safe to drink in Jordan as it is only used for washing up by the locals. Bottles of water can be found everywhere from hotels to corner shops so visitors will not be short of drinking water. For those venturing on long distant treks, filtered bottles and purification tablets are another good options.

4) Photography

There are just so many things to take photos of in Jordan but always ask permission before taking photos of local people. Like everywhere it is respectful to ask and local people can sometimes feel uncomfortable with foreigners taking their picture.

Local Bedouin in Jordan

5) Public Affection

Yes, Jordan is a modern country but it is still traditional in many respects. As a result of this, couples should refrain from holding hands and kissing in public. Public affection between two people of the opposite gender is frowned upon, however; it is common to see the local men greeting one another with hugs and kisses cheek to cheek.

Things to Know Before Travelling to Jordan

It is always best to know the local customs and traditions before visiting Jordan. Jordan is a laid-back country but no matter where we go we should always respect the local people. As long as visitors refrain from public affection and dress appropriately they will be welcomed and respected by the Jordanian people. Keep safe especially when hiking or climbing and be aware of the wildlife and ever-changing terrain.

Jordan Highlights

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