Best Breakfasts in Jordan

The best breakfasts in Jordan tend to be at local cafes and eateries. We have selected some of the most popular breakfast items in Jordan along with the best places to find them. It is safe to say that nowhere does breakfast quite like Jordan. With sweet pastries, savory snacks, homemade dips, and freshly baked bread, Jordan has so many breakfast options. The locals in Jordan tend to eat breakfast before 8 am so be prepared to wake up early. A Jordanian breakfast is usually very filling and extremely flavorsome.

Start your day with the Best Breakfasts in Jordan


Fuul is a hot breakfast dish that consists of beans, lemon juice, olive oil, and chili, served together with a freshly baked flatbread. This is a warm and filling item that is easy to find across Jordan. It is also great for vegans and vegetarians and provides lots of energy. A bowl of fuul usually costs around 0.75JD (1.06 USD).


It is likely that you may have tried Baklava back home, but the Jordanian version is almost always better. This sweet snack is eaten throughout the day in Jordan from breakfast until dessert. It is a filo based pastry that consists of a layer of nuts and a pistachio and honey center. It is sold widely across the country and is cheap to buy.

Khubez Bayd

Found in many bakeries across Jordan, Khubez Bayd is a small pizza pastry that is filled with cheese, spinach, potato, and sometimes meat. It is served as a group of small individual triangular pastries and is usually very cheap.


This savoury snack consists of ground chickpeas and spices that are combined together. In recent years, falafel has increased in popularity and many foreign visitors will be familiar with this Egyptian food. It is an ideal dish for vegetarians and vegans, and it is eaten at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or, as a snack. Visitors will find falafel in many cafes and street food stalls across the country. A single bowl of falafel usually costs around 0.75JD (1.06 USD).

Traditional Jordanian food to indulge in.


Labneh is a rich thick yogurt paste which is usually spread onto freshly baked bread. It often gets compared to sour cream and it is also used as a side dip with savory dishes and salads for lunch and dinner.

Best Places to Eat Breakfast in Jordan

Al Usra, Amman

Al Usra is a local favorite in Amman that sells all the best Jordanian breakfast items. There is a small seating area but it is also possible to take food away.


Located on the popular Mecca Street in Amman, Azkadenya is a bustling restaurant that focuses on traditional Middle Eastern cuisine. The restaurant offers a breakfast menu brimming with local favorites. It boasts stylish interior and lots of local art.

Hashem, Amman

Hashem Restaurant, located on Prince Muhammad Street in Amman, is a casual eatery that has been running for over 50 years. Hashem Restaurant is famous for its falafel with both locals and tourists. It serves falafel in a variety of ways along with other breakfast items such as fuul, hummus, and freshly made bread.

One of the most famous restaurants in Amman is Hashem

Majnoon Qahwa

For a slightly more western style breakfast, Majnoon Qahwa is a residential café with two locations in Amman. This café provides freshly brewed Italian coffee and a range of international breakfast favorites including Eggs Benedict, pancakes, and croissants. It is popular with locals and tourists who seek to taste something a little more familiar.

All in all – Best Breakfasts in Jordan

Breakfast in Jordan is flavorsome and filling and there is a very big range of breakfast items. From local favorites to traditional western breakfasts, there is something to suit all tastes. Jordanian breakfast tends to be very cheap and is easy to find in most bakeries, cafes, and street food stalls across the country.

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