Jordanian Sweets and Desserts

Want to know more about Jordanian Food? Here is a guide to Jordanian Sweets and Desserts ideal for satisfying a sweet tooth or the perfect treat to enjoy with a traditional cup of Arabic coffee.


Seen all throughout Jordan and many parts of the Middle East, Kanafeh is a rich, creamy and decadent sweet which can be enjoyed at any time. There are many varieties of the dessert, but it often includes either semolina dough or thin-pasty that looks like dry noodles. The dough is soaked in syrup, sometimes infused with other flavors or just a simple sugar syrup and most typically is then filled with cheese. There are many variations available, kanafeh appears in a variety of shapes with toppings from nuts, to sweet cream. Regardless, Kanafeh is always deliciously decadent and sweet.

Jordanian Sweets


With roots in Saudi Arabia, Luqaimat are soft, fried donuts that are saturated in sweet syrup. They are simple to make with few ingredients but are easy to enjoy. Sometimes they can be topped with sesame seeds or the syrup can be infused with other flavors. Often a part of Ramadan, Luqaimat are small bites of heaven and since they are small in size it is hard not to overindulge in these sweet treats.


A well-known sweet, seen all over the world but a key element of Levantine cuisine, Baklava is a satisfyingly rich and filling dessert found all throughout bakeries, sweet shops and street vendors in Jordan. Made from thin sheets of filo pastry, layered with richly sweet simple syrup or honey, the layers are stacked and the sweet liquid is absorbed into the pastry. Baklava comes in many shapes and often have additional filling or toppings like crushed pistachios and other nuts.

Basbousa (Hareesh)

A sweet dessert made from semolina and coconut, Basboosa, also referred to as Hareesh is rich and unique as the semolina provides a different texture for the cake. It can be baked in a large cake or served in small individual cakes, Hareesh is sometimes infused with orange blossom or rose water making the taste even more memorable. These flavors infused into the dense cake which pairs perfectly with a cup of sweet tea.

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