Best Crafts in Jordan

From handcrafted pottery to soaps sourced from local ingredients, we have put together a list of the best crafts in Jordan and where to find them. For traditional souvenirs and gifts, Jordan is the ideal destination. At almost every market in Jordan visitors will find homemade jewelry, carpets, and furniture. Jordan is also home to a number of local craft organizations who are dedicated to supporting the local community.

Pottery from Jordan

Pottery is one of the very oldest crafting techniques in Jordan and archaeological evidence dates it back to 6th Century AD. Traditionally, the pottery was made from the sandstone at Petra and they were decorated with images of the natural landscape. Today, visitors can get their hands on beautiful pottery and ceramics that take their influence from these Nabatean artifacts at the Petra Pottery Association. The Petra Pottery Association is located near the town of Wadi Musa, close to the site of Petra. The women that work here follow the ancient techniques to create classic shapes and paintings. The association is open Sunday to Thursday from 8 am to 2 pm.

Jordanian pottery makes for a great souvenir.

Jordanian Mosaics

Another popular ancient craft is mosaics. Jordan is famed for its historical mosaics which can be found in many notable landmarks across the towns and cities. The mosaics usually depict a particular theme, story, or natural scene. The most famous mosaic can be found in the city of Madaba at the Church of St George. This church is home to a 6th Century mosaic which depicts a map of the Holy Land. It draws thousands of visitors each year and has become famous worldwide. The Madaba Institute for Mosaic Art and Restoration teaches students how to make, preserve, and restore these ancient mosaics. In Madaba, visitors can find their own mosaic craft to take home from one of the many shops and market stalls.

Jordanian Soap

It may come as a surprise but Jordan produces a wonderful selection of handmade soaps. Using homegrown olive oil and herbs, the handmade soaps in Jordan are free from preservatives and chemicals. In the town of Orjan is the Orjan Soap House which is run by local women. The shop provides a wide range of beautiful, fragrant soaps that are ideal for gifts.

Weaving in Jordan

Weaving is an extremely popular handicraft in Jordan that has been passed down through generations. Traditionally, weaving is a Bedouin craft that is used to make anything from carpets to tents. The main materials used for weaving are sheep’s wool and goat’s hair which are then woven together to create the product. Older materials such as camel hair and berries are still sometimes used to make rugs and natural dyes. The best place to find woven items is in the towns close to Wadi Rum as this is where most of the Bedouin people live and work. Visitors will also find carefully woven products on markets stalls across the country.

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When it comes to crafts, Jordan certainly knows a thing or two. The crafting techniques in Jordan date as far back as the 6th Century AD and are still in practice today. This means that visitors will find many authentic and beautifully crafted products to take home as gifts and souvenirs.

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