Jordan & Saudi Arabia Tourism

Tourism in Jordan and Saudi Arabia is becoming increasingly popular, resulting in less visa restrictions, more business opportunities, and exciting tours for residents of both countries.

The many attractions of Jordan and Saudi Arabia offer something for every tourist – from ancient ruins to modern cities. With the right planning and preparation, travelers will find a wealth of cultural experiences and natural wonders on their journey between these two countries.

Let’s take a look into the growing ties between both Jordan & Saudi Arabia, and discover why taking immersive tours in both countries is the best way to experience them fully.

Petra & Hegra: Nabatean Cities

petra tour madein saleh hegra tour jordan and saudi arabia tourism

The ancient cities of Petra and Hegra are the main attractions for those traveling between Jordan and Saudi Arabia. These cities were built by the Nabateans over 2,000 years ago and are some of the best-preserved ruins in the world today. 

Petra is famously known as “the rose city” due to its rose-colored sandstone walls that line the site. Its temples, tombs, and monuments make it a must-see landmark for visitors to Jordan. Pictured above is Al-Khazneh, or the Treasury, in Petra. Book your own magical Petra tour and create everlasting memories at this iconic location.

Most people are familiar with Petra, but if you want to explore a hidden Nabatean wonder, Hegra is considered Saudi Arabia’s Petra. Just over the border, Hegra – sometimes called Madain Saleh – provides tourists with unique carvings and its own enthralling rock formations. It was once considered an important trade center and is now a tourist hotspot. It is the largest of the three sites and features over 100 tombs dating back to the Nabatean period.

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Ancient Trade Routes of Jordan & Saudi Arabia

saudi arabia and jordan ancient trade route

In addition to geological sites, Jordan and Saudi Arabia share some of the oldest trade routes in history. The Incense Route – which is believed to have been established around 1200 BC – and the Silk Road, which was used to transport goods from East Asia to Europe, are two prime examples. With our combined Saudi and Jordan tours, you can explore both locations of these ancient trade routes.

For travelers interested in retracing these old trails while admiring their surrounding beauty, consider visiting the historic ruins of Shobak Castle in Jordan, or the Al Ula Valley, in Saudi Arabia. These sites not only offer historical significance, but also breathtaking views that will surely delight any traveler.

A Modern Route: Direct Flights Between Jordan & Saudi Arabia

Getting from Jordan to Saudi Arabia – or vice versa – has never been easier, as the two countries are now connected by direct flights. Tourists no longer have to worry about connecting flights like before. This has allowed travelers to enjoy smoother transport, experience diverse cultures, and conduct business more comfortably. 

Currently, direct flights are available from Saudi Arabia to Amman, Jordan. Direct flights are also available from Jordan to Dammam, Jeddah, and Medina in Saudi Arabia. Travelers can also take advantage of the various deals and discounts that airlines often offer for flights between Jordan and Saudi Arabia, allowing them to save money while enjoying their time on vacation.

Friendly Competition: Sports Between Jordan & Saudi Arabia

Another factor that is drawing tourists to both countries is the friendly competition between Jordan and Saudi Arabia in football and basketball. The two nations have been competing against each other in these sports since the late 1950s, and their friendly rivalry continues today. Foreigners can take part in this exciting contest by attending the annual King’s Cup football tournament or many other games throughout the year. 

Basketball fans will also enjoy visiting these countries for one of their many basketball games, such as those held annually at either the International Stadium in Amman or Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal Stadium in Riyadh. No matter which sport you prefer – or which country you root for – watching a game between Jordan and Saudi players guarantees an unforgettable experience.

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Good Business Between Jordan & Saudi Arabia

Although this may not be an exciting prospect for tourists, it is worth noting that the two countries have been slowly merging their markets in recent years. In 2018, Saudi Arabia and Jordan signed a double taxation avoidance agreement allowing businesses in both countries to operate without paying double taxes.

Merger opportunities like these have opened many doors for entrepreneurs and investors alike, making it easier than ever for both countries to engage in effective deals. The agreements have also allowed for more trade and investment opportunities that will surely benefit both nations – as well as tourists – in the long run.

Businesspeople and tourists can spend luxurious nights in Jordan hotels that offer the best service or Saudi Arabian accommodations that won’t disappoint.

The Red and the Dead: The Seas of Jordan & Saudi Arabia

Dead Sea Jordan

The Red Sea and the Dead Sea are two of the most popular destinations for those visiting both Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The vibrant coral reefs in the Red Sea make it a great spot for snorkeling, while its warm waters provide an ideal environment for swimming and other beach activities. A visit to Saudi’s beautiful city of Jeddah, situated on the Red Sea coastline, is a great addition to any itinerary.

Meanwhile, visitors to the Dead Sea can enjoy floating on its salty waters or relaxing at one of its many resorts. Both areas also offer plenty of opportunities to explore their surroundings such as hiking trails or boat tours. For travelers looking to get away from the hustle and bustle, these two locations will not disappoint.

Browse our Dead Sea tours in Jordan or our Red Sea experiences in Saudi Arabia to make the most of your trip.

Tour Benefits of Jordan & Saudi Arabia Ties

Jordan and Saudi Arabia have become closely linked in recent years, offering travelers a unique opportunity to experience both countries in one trip. With direct flights now available between the two, it’s easier than ever for visitors to take advantage of this exciting partnership and cross the Jordan-Saudi border. Whether you are interested in exploring ancient ruins or retracing trade routes of the past, Jordan and Saudi Arabia have something for everyone. 

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