3 Steps to Planning Your Perfect Jordan Vacation

Everyone wants a perfect holiday and we believe that everyone deserves one. The best way to make sure that you get that dream vacation is to plan well. When planning your Jordan vacation there are many things to consider, including when and where to go.

Planning a trip can be daunting but it is also part of the traveling experience and it will ensure that you get exactly what you want when you want. To help you along the way check out our three steps to planning your perfect Jordan vacation.

Visit Wadi Rum for your perfect Jordan vacation

Decide Where to Go

It may sound like a simple step but with so many places to see in Jordan, it can be difficult to narrow it down. As almost all international flights go straight to Amman, this capital city is a great place to begin. Sites in Amman include the Amman Citadel and Roman Theatre and visitors can also take a day trip to the Dead Sea or the historical town of Madaba.

From Amman, it is possible to either hire a car or take a local bus to the incredible archaeological site of Petra in around 1 hour and 50 minutes. There are plenty of hotels just a short walk from the entrance of Petra. Other accommodation options from Petra include a luxury camping experience in Little Petra.

After exploring the incredible sights of Petra, visitors can then venture on to Aqaba (1.5 hours drive from Petra). Aqaba is located on the Red Sea and is an ideal destination for those looking for sun, sea, sand and a few more historic wonders.


Decide When to Go

When to visit Jordan entirely depends on where you are going and what type of experience you seek. If you wish to go to the desert then the perfect time to visit is during spring. In summer (June to August), temperatures rise and visitors can expect extreme heat across the country particularly in the desert.

For those who are heading to the Red Sea then September to February is a popular time but expect hotel prices to rise. If you are hoping to visit the desert and the Red Sea on your vacation then the best time is March to May. Though the nights are still chilly, the daytime experiences warm temperatures and beautiful wildflowers and greenery.

Different seasons in Jordan

Decide How Long to Stay

The next step is to decide how long you want to spend in Jordan. The duration of the trips depends on how much you want to see and much time you want to allocate to see it. For example, five days in Jordan will cover 2 days in Amman, one day in Petra, one day at the Red Sea and one day at Wadi Rum (desert).

Of course, this trip will be tiring and you will have to ensure that you have a reliable means of transport so not to waste too much time. The best way to travel on a five-day trip is to hire a car or to go with a tour operator who will arrange all transport. In order to see as many cities, towns and beaches as possible the best amount of time is 10 to 14 days.

Two weeks in Jordan will provide visitors enough time to see Jordan at their own pace using the local public transport options.

Your Perfect Jordan Vacation

Once you have followed our 3 steps to planning your perfect Jordan vacation and decided when, where and how long to visit Jordan you can begin to plan the finer details of your vacation. Research transport and accommodation options and look around for good deals.

After this, it’ll be time to find out about all the things that there are to see and do – this is the fun bit and just the beginning of your Jordanian adventure.

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