Shaumari Wildlife Reserve

Situated near the town of Azraq, some 100 kilometers from the capital city, Amman, the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve is an important and rare environmental project committed to the preservation of animal species in the region. In 1975, the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature opened the reserve as both a center for breeding and protecting endangered species and wildlife found in the surrounding desert landscape. The property spans 22 square kilometers and supports the ecosystem of these endangered animals.

About Shaumari Wildlife Reserve

Within the reserve, there are some of the rarest and most endangered species in the Middle East including various bird species, owls, oryx, sand gazelle and onagers. In total, there are some 193 species which also includes plant life, in particular, there are several carnivore plant species.

Shaurmari WildLife Reserve

The Shaumari Wildlife Reserve is a hidden gem that has been gaining the attention of tourists to the region as it is an exciting look into some of the rarest breeds of animals and a glimpse at these animals thriving in their natural habitat which is untouched by outside threats such as hunting. For nature lovers and those interested in learning about the unique wildlife, a visit to Shaumari Wildlife Reserve is informative and exciting as visitors can partake in a guided safari of the premises as well as enjoy a small museum. Visitors can also enjoy the experience of drinking tea which is infused with herbs and spices indigenous to the area, a special way to connect to the plant life in the region as well as enjoy Jordanian hospitality.

The reserve also participates in scientific studies as it is able to monitor the animals and observe them to gain a deeper understanding of their habits, threats, breeding, and overall awareness and appreciation. As the environment is both safe for the animals and ideal for studying, Jordanian universities use the reserve to research, study and understand environmental conservation.

Visiting Shaumari Wildlife Reserve

The Shaumari Wildlife Reserve welcomes visitors and is a rare experience to observe wildlife that has been undisturbed and thrive in their natural environment. Some of the animal highlights on the reserve include Persian Onagers, Somali Ostriches, Gazelles, and Arabian oryx. With the committed work of the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve, the endangered animals in the area will be able to rebuild their populations which have been endangered and re-establish themselves with the safety and protection provided by the reserve.

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