24 Hours in Wadi Rum

With only 24 hours in Wadi Rum, the best option is to stay overnight in the desert to really make the most of your time here. Wadi Rum is an area in Jordan that spans across 278 square miles of mountains, rock bridges, sand dunes, and notable sites including the alleged house of T.E. Lawrence who is also known as Lawrence of Arabia. For thrill-seeking adventures, visitors can take on jeep rides, mountain climbing, and overnight camping (for example with our Bedouin Experience). There’s a variety of tours available to Wadi Rum – the best can be found here.

The spectacular Wadi Rum desert

Morning in Wadi Rum

In the morning, follow the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia with a walk across the Jordanian desert. Wadi Rum is a great destination for long leisurely walks and the area has a number of interesting routes. Visitors can either hike independently or, join a guided tour. The hiking routes at Wadi Rum range from easy all the way through to challenging. Notable sites to look out for include the Lawrence Spring for fabulous desert views, or, Khazali Canyon which contains ancient inscriptions carved into the rocks.

If you wish to save time and cover a little more, then another option is to explore Wadi Rum on top of a camel. Venturing into the wilderness on a camel is a unique experience for both adults and children. Wadi Rum is brimming with camel ride excursions that last from one hour up to a few days.


Once you have begun to explore the Wadi Rum desert, it will be time to fuel your adrenaline. The area has a number of exciting activities that can be booked prior to your visit. Hotels and visitor centers in Jordan’s cities offer plenty of options when it comes to Wadi Rum adventures.

Spend 24 hours in Wadi Rum – The Valley of the Moon

One of the best ways to see as much of Wadi Rum as possible is to rip through Jordan’s desert on a four by four adventure. Jeep tours are a great option for those on a short timeframe and will provide some fantastic photo opportunities. These pickup style jeeps are operated by local people who will also give visitors an insight into the historical and cultural significance of this spectacular desert. Join the Wadi Rum Jeep Safari Tour to experience the ‘Valley of the Moon’ with a local guide for an in-depth experience.

Wadi Rum in the Evening

To end your 24 hours in Wadi Rum in style, spend a night gazing up at the spectacular Milky Way at a traditional desert campsite. Wadi Rum is also known as the Valley of the Moon due to its magnificent night sky which is something that shouldn’t be missed.

At Wadi Rum, visitors can embrace this stargazing opportunity by staying overnight in a luxury Bedouin-style tent in one of the many Bedouin Camps in Wadi Rum. These tents take visitors back to a simpler way of living – perfect for romantic getaways or a unique experience with the children. There are still many Bedouin people in Jordan and this experience provides visitors with an insight into their way of life. There are many camps to choose from and each one provides delicious Jordanian dishes, accompanied with local stories.

Wadi Rum

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