The Jordan Museum

The Jordan Museum is one of the highlights of Jordan in Amman and a glimpse into history. It is a great way to understand both the history and culture of Jordan in an in-depth, innovative and fun way. Found near the Amman Citadel, the Jordan Museum is situated in downtown Amman in the area of Rasl Ayn.

Jordan Museum in Amman

What to do at the Jordan Museum

The Jordan Museum provides an accurate and detailed understanding of history with an extensive collection of artifacts and archeological gems. Visitors can walk throughout the exhibitions following the story in chronological order to gain a deeper understanding. Beyond this, the exhibits are well organized in terms of their genres such as architecture, food, art or ways of life and culture. The museum pays homage to the past with an eye on the future, which can be seen in the exterior of the building and was part of the design concept to use a combination of old and new materials. The stones are representative of the past and the glass is symbolic of the future, together they create a special design and carry the theme of knowledge, innovation, and preservation of the past.

Several historical artifacts that are highlighted in the museum include the oldest human statues in human civilization, dating back to 7500 BC ‘Ain Ghazal statues are a marvel. Additionally, the Dead Sea scrolls are housed in the museum which includes the only copper scroll. All displays we well designed, detailed and thoughtfully laid out with both English and Arabic descriptions on every item. The Jordan Museum is part of a project that was led by Queen Rania Al-Abdullah and she continues to sit as one of the governing Board of Trustees for the museum.

Jordan Museum

Visiting the Jordan Museum

The Jordan Museum strives not only to share the many exhibitions with visitors but also to educate and encourage and support research. While there are many permanent exhibits and installations, there are also a variety of temporary installations that are relevant and exciting, Additionally, the museum also offers a hands-on learning space, a conservation center, and a library.

Special rates are offered for students and for children and people with disabilities are offered free entrance. The Jordan Museum is a great way to enjoy Jordan for the whole family. The Jordan Museum does an excellent job of exploring Bedouin life, Nabatean history, the Neolithic era, Roman artifacts and extensive information about the geography, history, and settlement of Jordan. The upstairs of the museum is great for children as there are a variety of interactive and fun exhibits specially designed for youngsters.

Ali bin Abi Taleb Street | Ras Al-Ayn Area, Amman 11183, Jordan
The museum exhibitions open daily from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Fridays from 2:00 pm to 5.30 pm
Closed on Tuesday

For families traveling in Jordan, check out the Jordan Children’s Museum.

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