Best Springs and Bathhouses in Jordan

For complete relaxation, Jordan is home to a large number bathhouses and hot springs. Bathhouses have been a popular pastime since the Roman Empire and are still in use across the globe today. As Jordan boasts many valleys, waterfalls, and mountains, the country is a hub for rest and rejuvenation. From luxury hotel resorts like the Ma’in Hot Springs Resort to quaint bathhouses set within the bustling cities, visitors will find springs and bathhouses across the country to suit all budgets.

Ma’in Hot Springs Resort

Ma’in Hot Springs Resort is a glorious hot spring waterfall resort situated right beside the Dead Sea. Nestled just 30 kilometers from the city of Madaba, visitors can find themselves relaxing beside the Ma’in waterfalls and gazing up at the stunning mountainous backdrop is only 15 minutes. At an impressive 264 meters below sea level, this resort is set within a tranquil landscape and visitors can choose to stay here for a few hours or even a few days.

Ma'in hot springs are a perfect opportunity to relax during your Jordan trip.

The resort also has excellent dining facilities along with an array of rejuvenating spa treatments. In order to enjoy the hot springs and waterfalls of Ma’in, visitors will need to either pay to enter the resort for the day or, stay in one of its luxurious hotel rooms. The resort is one the most beautiful hotel resorts in Jordan and offers a range of treatments including massages and revitalizing body wraps. A day pass to Ma’in Hot Springs Resort and Spa costs 10 JD (14.10 USD).

Hammamat Burbita

Hammamat Burbita forms part of a complex of natural hot spring pools that offer tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. This complex is located in Khirbet Tannor, 13 kilometers from the King’s Highway. The area boasts a large number of hot springs due to its volcanic landscape. Hammamat Burbita is popular with locals and a small number of well-researched tourists. Visitors can take a taxi to the springs from the nearby town of Karak. Entrance is 5JD (7.05 USD) and it is open from 8 am until 8 pm, except during Ramadan.

Al Pasha Turkish Bath

This Turkish bath is located in the historic capital city Amman. Al Pasha Turkish Bath is an ideal destination after a few days of exploring the city’s famous landmarks, and shops. This Turkish Bath, also known as a hammam, has a steam bath where visitors will receive a cleansing and thorough scrub. It is possible to book the treatment in advance and couples can also book together. Apart from pre-booked couple’s sessions, the treatment is only offered in separate male and female time slots. A visit and scrub costs 25JD (35.25 USD) and visitors can experience this Turkish Bath from 9 am until midnight.

Relax in one of the many bathhouses in Jordan

Petra Turkish Bath

Another popular hammam is the Petra Turkish Bath. It is located in the town of Wadi Musa which is close to the entrance of the world-renowned site of Petra. Visitors will find this rejuvenating bathhouse near the Silk Road Hotel. The Petra Turkish Bath has a separate male and female area so that guests can feel completely at ease during their treatment. The treatment involves relaxing in the steam and enjoying a massage and body scrub. The total package costs 30JD (42.31USD) and it lasts for one hour. It is open from 3 pm until 10 pm each day.

Good to know: The Best Springs and Bathhouses in Jordan

Visitors to Jordan will find many springs and bathhouses during their vacation in Jordan. In order to truly understand why it is a longstanding local pastime, visitors should experience the nation’s famous Turkish Baths. Though the thought of being washed, scrubbed and massaged whilst naked may be daunting, the hammam is a spa ritual that is carried out across the globe and offers a therapeutic experience.

The Turkish Baths in Jordan have separate male and female sections and attendants will always be of the same gender. Another favorite relaxation activity is to dip into the bubbling hot springs, which are often located close to a volcano. Hot springs in Jordan offer a unique way to get closer to nature and admire the surrounding scenery after a long day of sightseeing.

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