Azraq Wetland Reserve

Found near the town of Azraq (approximately 100 km from Amman), the Azraq Wetland Reserve is another preservation project by the Royal Society for Conservation of Nature. Created in 1978, the RSCN established the Azraq Wetland Reserve for the protection and preservation of the land and the migratory birds in the area. The impressive wetland exists in the middle of the eastern desert landscape.

History of Azraq Wetland Reserve

In 1992, the natural springs dried up, resulting in an ecological change as the birds who normally migrated to the area stopped returning and moved away. Unfortunately, due to stress on the environment for the country’s water resources, the wetland has been disturbed and has decreased in size. What remains is still a triumph and an important place as the ecological implications of taking resources and water pumping has a profound impact on the wildlife in the region.

Azraq Reserve

Visiting Azraq Wetland Reserve

Visitors to the Azraq Wetland Reserve will be able to enjoy a walk through the various pathways to admire the various birds, including birds of prey. On the reserve, there are also several water buffaloes. There is also the ancient ruins of an old Umayyad aqueduct which is an interesting look into the history of the region. There is also a small museum on the premises which provides information on the thriving past of the Wetland and the sad future of the ever-shrinking ecosystem.

The Azraq Wetland Reserve is a precious gem that requires a great deal of preservation as the development of Jordan progresses. Protecting the environment and the safety of the birds and wildlife in the area is of utmost importance and the goal of the wetland is not only to protect the animals and environment but also to educate visitors and foster a deeper understanding of the implications of human interaction on nature.

Sadly, the size of the Wetland has decreased with continual threats making it more important than ever to appreciate the importance of this environmental wonder and strive to protect the area and the wildlife. For those eager to learn more about this delicate ecosystem it is certainly worth paying a visit to the Azraq Wetland. More important now than ever to explore this important environmental wonder before it is all gone!

Azraq Wetlands Reserve
Azraq, Jordan
Open 7 days a week from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

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