Aqaba is the only coastal city in Jordan, an otherwise landlocked country. With the red mountains of Wadi Rum in the background and the Red Sea in the foreground, the stunning Aqaba boasts a beautiful setting. This port city is laden with luxurious resorts and hotels, ensuring a restful place to return to after a long day of touring Jordan. The main activities of Aqaba are coastal-friendly, like beach exploring, diving, water sports, and more.

Aqaba’s city center, markets, and neighborhoods are becoming increasingly attractive as well. Close to Wadi RumPetra, and the Israeli/Egyptian borders, Aqaba is a haven for travelers. See our tours from Aqaba to decide which thrilling adventure best suits you.

The City of Aqaba

Introducing Aqaba

Aqaba sits at the northern-part of the Red Sea, known as the ‘Gulf of Aqaba’. Resting on the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe, this city is home to rich history that’s left its markings throughout time. The city’s airport, King Hussain International Airport is just a few kilometers north of the center, near the Arava Border Crossing with Israel.

In the coming years, Aqaba is set to transform into an even more significant resort city, with new mega-projects, attractions, and accommodations. Among these new additions, are theme parks, lagoons, and even an 18-hole golf course; expected to grace the coastal city soon.

Red Sea in Eilat

Things to do in Aqaba

Aqaba itself is a center of beach leisure. Large resorts line the Red Sea, from the city center to the tip of the Gulf of Eilat. Some of the prettiest beaches in the Middle East – most of which are private – are found here, resting alongside hotels. They charge a modest entry fee, but are worth enjoying the exclusive ammenities. Most European tourists come here for the winter months, taking advantage of the warm sunny weather. Aqaba Airport and Israel’s Ovda Eilat Airport are nearby and provide shuttle services.

Tours from Aqaba

One of the best ways to see Aqaba and other places in Jordan is via tour. Our Jordan tours provide visitors with utmost excellence, guidance, and exciting thrills. We offer tours to and from other popular destinations, like Petra, Wadi Rum, Jerusalem, the Dead SeaBethlehem, Sinai, and more. All of these sites can be reached in a one day trip from Aqaba.

Multi-country tours like this 10 Day Highlights of Jordan and Israel Package leaves from Amman, but is easily-accessed from Aqaba. Consider joining our Saudi-Jordan 4 Day Madain Saleh Tour from Aqaba, promising luxurious experiences and hidden treasures.

Tja Jordan Highlights

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