Weather in Jordan

As a country that is covered with desert and sits along the Red Sea, it should come as no surprise that the weather in Jordan is fairly warm. Of course, like all countries, there are four seasons with each season differing in temperature. The weather in Jordan can vary by season and by location so it is best to do your research before visiting this vast and diverse land.

Weather in Summer

Summer is the time when everyone is thinking about a vacation. This is the time when temperatures are high and the sun is almost always shining. In summer Jordan receives around 13 hours of sunshine a day. Expect temperatures to be extremely high (around 40 degrees Celsius) between June and August.

Snorkeling in Aqaba in summer in Jordan

In summer the weather in Jordan is dry and even the wind is warm. For visitors who wish to explore the desert and coastal city of Aqaba, summer is not the best time to go. In this part of the country, visitors can expect intense heat which is particularly difficult for hikers.

Weather in Jordan in Autumn

After the soaring temperatures of summer, things cool down a little in September making it a pleasant time to visit. Between September and October, the Red Sea hits temperatures of 26 degrees Celsius which entices an abundance of tropical marine life including turtles. Autumn is also a great time for diving particularly around the city of Aqaba. This time of year is best for exploring the Jordan Valley, hiking along the Jordan Trail or for exploring sites like Petra and Wadi Rum, for example with this Petra and Wadi Rum Tour.


Weather in Winter

In winter the weather in Jordan drops to below 10 degrees Celsius. This time of year also receives the most rainfall and a limited amount of daylight. January is the coldest month but weather in Jordan rarely dips below 5 degrees. For those exploring Amman or Petra, winter is an OK time to visit as long as you don’t mind wrapping up warm.

Be aware though that January and February can get very cold and may even snow. The coastal city of Aqaba is one of the only places in Jordan where temperatures remain fairly warm. This is also a calmer time to visit with far fewer tourists and shorter queuing times.

The City of Aqaba

Jordan Weather in Spring

Springtime in Jordan begins in March and lasts until the end of May. Spring boasts cooler temperatures compared to the near approaching summer. The pleasant weather of spring makes it an ideal time for hikers who wish to admire the plethora of wildflowers and green rolling hills.

Though the weather in Jordan varies from place to place, travelers can visit the country year round. The most reliable seasons to visit are spring and autumn when the weather is generally pleasant across the country. Always be prepared for extreme temperatures in Jordan and pack plenty of sunscreen and water as well as thermal layers for the chilly evenings.

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