Top Beaches in Jordan

With deserts and majestic ancient cities, beaches are not the first thing one usually thinks about when planning a vacation to Jordan. Along with historic sites, beautiful hikes and desert adventures, Jordan is also home to a number of relaxing beach resorts. With both the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, Jordan has plenty to offer for those who prefer to rest and rejuvenate with sun, sea, and sand. From bustling city beaches to secluded hotspots, check out the top beaches in Jordan.

South Beach, Aqaba

As the historic city of Aqaba is nestled along the Red Sea, it is easily the best place in Jordan for good beaches. South Beach in Aqaba is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. Located close to the harbor, South Beach is a lively destination with unspoiled marine life thanks to Jordan’s conservation projects in the area.

Snorkeling in Aqaba in summer in Jordan

This makes the beach particularly popular with scuba divers and snorkelers who hope to catch a glimpse of the tropical marine life that reside here. The diving school at South Beach is a great place for divers of all abilities including first-timers. Sign up for a lesson and try to spot the angelfish and manta rays that reside here.

Berenice Beach Club, Aqaba

For a little more exclusivity, Aqaba is home to the Berenice Beach Club – a trendy haunt for those who wish to experience Jordanian beach life in style. Berenice is a private beach resort that is equipped with volleyball courts, shops, swimming pools, and bars. Along with poolside margaritas, visitors can release their energy with some thrill-seeking water sports including jet-skiing and inner tubing.

It is also possible for visitors to take excursions to the stunning Black Rock diving site and Cedar Pride shipwreck. The Berenice Beach Club is situated along the Red Sea and forms part of the Aqaba Marine Park Natural Aquarium, offering visitors optimum chances of witnessing the colorful tropical marine life. The club is open from 9 am until sunset and there is a regular shuttle bus which connects visitors from their hotels in Aqaba directly to the beach club. The cost of entry to Berenice Beach Club is 15JD (21.20USD) with many hotels offering 50% off.

Amman Beach

Those who find themselves in the capital city of Amman can still enjoy a Jordanian beach. In fact, Amman Beach is located on the famous Dead Sea; a large salt lake located 423 meters below sea level. Due to the extremely high salt content of the lake, visitors can bathe in the azure waters of the Dead Sea and benefit from its surprising floatation powers which make it almost impossible to sink. Amman Beach is a busy tourist beach located just one hour away from the city of Amman. It is not the most luxurious of beaches and can become very crowded but it does provide visitors the chance to experience this notable salt lake.

A beach by the Dead Sea

Coral Beach, Aqaba

For a slightly more peaceful beach destination, Coral Beach in Aqaba offers all the same beauty of the other top beaches in Jordan without the crowds. Coral Beach boasts shallow waters which make it very easy to see the 100 varieties of beautiful coral reefs that are found here. Coral Beach is particularly popular with scuba divers yet it manages to maintain a peaceful charm.

Wadi Mujib

Though it is not exactly a beach it was difficult to keep Wadi Mujib off the list. Wadi Mujib is a river in Jordan that flows in the Dead Sea; the lowest place on earth. This river flows between spectacular canyons which rise out of the ground. Visitors can reach Wadi Mujib within 30 minutes from their Dead Sea hotel resorts.

There are many excursions which allow visitors a once in a lifetime opportunity to walk through the water, between the canyons, and into the Dead Sea itself. Wadi Mujib is a canyoning adventure like no other and arguably one of the best ways to enjoy Jordan’s Dead Sea.

Beaches in Jordan

Jordan may not have many beaches to choose from but each beach here has its own unique flair. Whether it’s the Red Sea or the Dead Sea, visitors can get from historic cities and into these magnificent waters within one hour. Most cities provide good transport connections to the beaches and visitors will find plenty of places to wine and dine nearby.

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