Petra Entry Fees

The Petra Entry Fees are a significant expense and form a hefty part of the budget of any traveler visiting Jordan. Entrance to Petra is only permitted with a valid entry ticket and these can be purchased at the ticket office at the entrance to the site. The proceeds of the Petra Entry Fees are used to preserve and develop the visitor infrastructure at the site which is one of the 7 Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this page we explain the various Petra entry fees.

The Petra Entry Fees

Petra entry fees vary between those who are staying overnight in Jordan and those who visit for one day from a

Entry fees to Petra for those sleeping One or more nights in Jordan

  • 1-day entry to Petra – 50 JOD
  • 2-day entry to Petra – 55 JOD
  • 3-day entry to Petra – 60 JOD

Entry fees to Petra for those Visiting Jordan for one day (via the borders)

  • 1-day entry to Petra – 90 JOD

Entry fees to Petra for those sleeping one or more nights in Jordan But visiting on their first day in Jordan

If you visit Petra on your first day in Jordan, arriving from the border, the entry fee will be as if you did not stay in Jordan, and then after staying overnight in Jordan you will receive a refund of the difference

Therefore, 1 day entry to Petra is 90 JOD minus 40 JOD which equals 50 JOD.

Entry fees to Petra by Night

The Petra By Night candle-lit event which is available three times every week, is an extra 15 JOD.

Does the Entry fee to Petra include a Horse-back ride?

The entry ticket to Petra includes a horse-ride at the entrance to the site, however, the horse-ride operators are very aggressive in pushing for and receiving tips, so take it as if the ride is not included as you will have to pay the operator money for the horse-back ride.

Cost of Carriage at Petra

Horse-drawn carriages are available to transport from the Visitor Center at the entrance of Petra to the Treasury. Cost for the carriage is 20 JOD return (there and back).

Tours to Petra with Entry fees

Most tours to Petra include the entry fees within the tour price meaning that the remaining price for the tour is less than 50% of the cost being paid. This distorts the prices of many tours because many visitors do not realise the cost of the Petra entry fees until they reach the site, and upon reflection realise that the tours available offer a good value and comfortable way to visit the site. Note that there are no group discounts on the Petra entry fees.

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