Whilst visiting the city of Irbid, it would be foolish to miss a trip to the archaeological wonder of Pella. The site is located just a short drive from the town of Tabaqit Fahl. The former ancient city of Pella is host to a collection of ruins that date back over 6000 years and is regarded as one of the most important historical landmarks in the country.

Ancient Pella


The jaw-dropping archaeological site of Pella is located just outside of the town of Taqabat Fahl. It is less than one hour away by car from the city Irbid. The site is located 60 miles away from Amman which takes around two hours by car. The site itself is situated within the Jordan Valley and surrounded by cliffs and rolling hills.


Although Pella dates back to around 5000 BC, it wasn’t until the Greek and Romans occupied the site that it truly prospered. It was conquered by Pompey in 63 BC and became one of the cities that formed the Roman Decapolis League. The Decapolis League was comprised of ten cities in the Levant that were claimed by the Roman Empire. It is likely to have been recognized by the Romans due to its prime location on the trade route. During the Byzantine era, there were 25,000 citizens living in Pella and it was a thriving city. The area is also believed to have inhabited humans since the Stone Age making it a very important archaeological site.

Things to Do at Pella

The site of Pella requires a lot of walking in order to grasp the sheer size of this ancient city. Amongst the Roman ruins are a theatre, Roman baths and a fountain house. There is also an Islamic quarter with a mosque and courtyard. Visitors can also explore the ruins of churches and houses from the Byzantine era.

How to Visit Pella

Tabaqit Fahl (Pella) can be visited as part of an organized tour from the cities of Amman, Jerash and Irbid. There are many excursions to Pella and these can be booked at hotels and tour offices in the cities. The cost of entry to Pella is 2 JD (3 USD).

Pella is a magnificent site that is within easy reach of the capital city of Amman and the nearby city of Irbid. Pella can also be visited as part of a day trip to the historic site of Umm Qais, or, the thriving city of Jerash.

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