How to Get from Jerash to Petra

Both Jerash and Petra are home to stunning ancient architecture and scenery. Petra is a UNESCO World Heritage site and was once a thriving Nabatean city located in the Jordanian desert. Jerash is a popular city that is internationally renowned for its preservation and restoration of prominent Roman structures.

Along with temples, plazas, and fountains, Jerash has gracefully updated itself with bustling markets and casual places to dine alongside the ancient city walls. In order to get from Jerash to Petra, visitors have a number of options to suit all budgets and timeframes.

How to Get from Jerash to Petra By Car

Car rental in Jordan is one of the most convenient ways to explore this country. With over one hundred car rental companies based in Amman alone, visitors will never be short of options. There are a number of car rental companies located at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman where most international planes fly into. Visitors should expect to pay around 25-30JD (35-40 USD) per day for a new model with air conditioning and insurance. A car journey from Jerash to Petra usually takes around three and a half hours.

Arriving in Petra

Getting from Jerash to Petra By Bus

As there are no direct buses from Jerash to Petra, the only way to reach Petra by public bus is to take a bus back into the capital city of Amman. Expect to pay 1JD (1.50USD) for a one way trip from Jerash to Amman. From Amman, there are two types of buses that operate to Petra. The JETT Bus departs Amman at 6.30am and reaches Petra in around four hours. Visitors can catch the return bus at 5.00pm or stay the night in a hotel close to Petra. The JETT Bus is a scheduled air-conditioned coach that can be booked in advance online.

Local buses run frequently from Amman between 9 am and 4 pm. A ticket to Petra costs just 5JD (7USD). The local buses in Jordan are more like minibusses and drivers do not depart until the bus is full so passengers should be prepared to wait a while.

Tours from Jerash to Petra

Some hotels and tour agencies will operate group tours to visit the ancient site of Petra. It is a good way to meet people and the tours are usually led by a knowledgeable guide. Tour prices vary depending on the operator and type of tour. Consider taking this tour which combines Jerash, Petra, and several other incredible destinations.

Best way to Get from Jerash to Petra

As there are no direct buses from Jerash to Petra, the best option is to hire a car or join a tour. Car rental is a convenient way to get to Petra in the shortest amount of time. For those who wish to explore the city of Amman, a good option would be to take a bus to Amman and spend a few days here before traveling on to Petra.

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