How to Get from Aqaba to the Dead Sea

For fun-filled activities in the Red Sea followed by an afternoon of relaxation in the mystical Dead Sea, Aqaba is the perfect base. It is a typical 21st Century coastal city with large luxury hotel resorts nestled alongside significant historical sites. Aqaba is a charming coastal city with diving, water skiing and snorkeling galore.

At 423 meters below sea level, the Dead Sea is officially the lowest place on earth, making it a fascinating destination to visit. Also known as the Salt Sea, the Dead Sea is an ideal location for rest and relaxation particularly as it is believed to have magical healing properties. There are a number of ways to get from Aqaba to the Dead Sea to suit all budgets and group sizes.

Relaxing at the Dead Sea in Jordan

Tours from Aqaba to the Dead Sea

A variety of organized Dead Sea tours allow for a relaxed experience of this magical place. Without having to worry about renting a car, driving in a foreign country or being ripped off by a taxi driver, joining a tour to the Dead Sea is the best option to float and relax. On top of that, organized tours often combine a visit to the Dead Sea with other sites in and around Jordan, to make the most out of your time. You can find a list of Dead Sea tours here.

How to Get from Aqaba to the Dead Sea By Car

Car rental in Jordan is one of the most convenient ways to explore the country. With over one hundred car rental companies based in Amman alone, visitors will never be short of options. There are a number of car rental companies located at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman and visitors can also collect rental cars from Aqaba. As a rule, visitors should expect to pay around 25-30JD (35-40 USD) per day for a new model with air conditioning and insurance. The journey from Aqaba to the Dead Sea is around three hours.

Getting from Aqaba to the Dead Sea By Bus

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to get from Aqaba to the Dead Sea by bus. With a car journey taking around three hours, it should come as no surprise that a bus journey can take anything from 6-8 hours. Visitors will have to take a bus from Aqaba back to the city of Amman using the JETT Bus. Tickets for the bus can be booked at the JETT Office located in Aqaba.

The JETT buses are coaches that have air conditioning, toilets, and snacks and drinks available to purchase. The journey from Aqaba to Amman takes around four hours. From Amman, visitors can catch a local bus from Mujaharin bus station to Rame and then an onward taxi to Amman Beach. The bus journey will cost around 1JD (1.50USD) and the taxi ride is usually around 4JD (6USD). Local buses take far longer than JETT Buses as they only depart when the entire bus is full.

Getting from Aqaba to the Dead Sea using a Taxi

Many taxis operate from Aqaba to the Dead Sea and usually take around three hours depending on traffic. A one-way taxi ride from Aqaba to the Dead Sea will cost around 100JD (142USD) which is more affordable for those traveling in a group.

Best way to Get from Aqaba to the Dead Sea

The quickest and most affordable way to get from Aqaba to the Dead Sea is to join a pre-organized tour. Alternatively, visitors can rent a car or take the bus to Amman and stay in the capital for a few days before venturing to the Dead Sea.

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