How to Get from Amman Queen Alia Airport to Amman

Queen Alia International airport is situated in Amman, just 30 kilometers from the city center. There are a number of ways that visitors to the capital city can get from Queen Alia Airport to Amman. The total journey takes just under one hour. The airport is the largest in Jordan with direct international flights each day.

It is situated within a modern building with high-quality facilities including restaurants, shops, and even a spa. The airport also has connecting flights to the coastal city of Aqaba which is ideal for those wishing to explore the country.

We'll tell you how to Get from Amman Queen Alia Airport to Amman


A very convenient way to get from Queen Alia International Airport to Amman is by shuttle. Jordan Shuttle is the most popular option for this. Shuttles from Amman Airport to Amman City center are coordinated with flight arrivals, departing from Amman Airport 1 hour after landing. The service costs $10 per person and drops direct at your destination in Amman. The service is also available from Amman hotels to Amman Queen Alia Airport with pickup 4 hours before departing flights. All Amman Airport shuttles must be pre-booked online ahead of travel at

Airport Express Buses to Get from Amman Queen Alia Airport to Amman

The airport provides its very own bus services from 6.00 am until midnight each day. These buses run from the airport to the Tabarbour bus station in Amman every 30 minutes. The journey itself takes between 45 and 60 minutes depending on traffic. Those who wish to use the bus will find it directly outside the terminal building. The bus also drops passengers off at a number of stops along the way. From 18.00 the buses only run once every hour.

Amman Airport Taxi

Queen Alia International Airport also offers its very own taxi service. The benefits of taking an airport taxi are that the prices are fixed and drivers are not permitted to change them. The taxis are also available 24 hours a day. The cost of a taxi ride to a hotel in the city center is around $30. Prices are displayed on taxi boards at the airport.

Local Buses to Get from Amman Queen Alia Airport to Amman

Amman operates local buses that run between the city center and the airport. The buses are cheap but are not as reliable as the airport buses because they wait for the buses to become full before departing. Also be aware that some taxi drivers tend to tell visitors that the buses are not operating in order to get more custom.

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Car Rental

Car rental in Jordan is one of the most convenient ways to explore this country and all it has to offer. With over one hundred car rental companies based in Amman alone, visitors will never be short of options. There are a number of car rental companies located at Queen Alia International Airport and visitors should expect to pay around 25-30JD (35-40 USD) per day for a new model with air conditioning and insurance. Visitors to Amman Queen Alia Airport can book a car via the airport’s website.

Best way to Get from Amman Queen Alia Airport to Amman

Getting from Amman Queen Alia Airport to Amman is very simple. The easiest way to reach the city center of Amman is the Amman Airport Shuttle which is available for all low-cost flights to Amman.. The shuttles are coordinated with arriving flights to there is no chance of there being no shuttle when you arrive.