How to Get From Amman to the Dead Sea

At 423 meters below sea level, the Dead Sea is officially the lowest place on earth making it a fascinating destination to visit. Also known as the Salt Sea, the Dead Sea is an ideal location for rest and relaxation with biking and hiking aplenty. A holiday to the Dead Sea provides an idyllic alternative to the bustling cities, with plenty of things to do for those who seek a little adventure.

Located just an hour from the Dead Sea is Jordan’s capital city Amman. As there are many expensive hotel resorts around the Dead Sea, Amman is a good base for those on a budget or those who prefer to stay in local accommodation. There are many ways to get from Amman to the Dead Sea and visitors can reach it in less than an hour, making it an ideal day trip.

A beach by the Dead Sea

Join A Tour to get from Amman to the Dead Sea

If you are that kind of traveler who just wants to enjoy their vacation to the fullest without too much stress and organization, the best option to visit the Dead Sea from Amman is by joining an organized tour, like the ones offered here. The Dead Sea is a great destination, which can also easily be combined with other sites in and around Jordan.

How to Get From Amman to the Dead Sea By Car

Transfer from Amman to the Dead Sea by car takes around 1 hour. A private transfer costs from $105, and various sizes of vehicle are available. More information about transfers from Amman to the Dead Sea can be found here.

How to Get From Amman to the Dead Sea By Bus

Budget travelers will prefer to use the public transport systems in Jordan. Not only do you save money but you also get to travel from Amman to the Dead Sea the local way. As the journey is quick, a bus is a convenient option and visitors won’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable for a long period of time. The closest destination to the Dead Sea is Amman Beach. From Amman, visitors can catch a bus from Mujaharin bus station to Rame and then an onward taxi to the beach. The bus journey will cost around 1JD (1.50USD) and the taxi ride is usually around 4JD (6USD).

Best way to Get From Amman to the Dead Sea

The best way to get from Amman to the Dead Sea is to join a tour to one of the many beautiful beachers. As Amman Beach is only an hour’s drive away, visitors can take a day trip to the Dead Sea. For those who are hoping for an extended vacation beside the Dead Sea then there are plenty of luxury hotel resorts to choose from.

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