Festivals in Jordan

Festivals in Jordan are a large part of the culture and community. From the arts to the theatre, dance, and food, various annual festivals in Jordan help to bring both locals and tourists together in a variety of ways. Here are some of the annual festivals in Jordan.

Aqaba Traditional Arts Festival

Each year in February, an annual celebration takes place in the seaport city of Aqaba. The Aqaba Traditional Arts Festival in Jordan promotes and preserves the culture of the Bedouin people and community in the region. The festival showcases handcrafted goods made by the Bedouin people and also serves to maintain and honor the Bedouin traditions.

Festivals in Jordan

Azraq Festival

Azraq is a small town located outside of Amman and every year this central-eastern town celebrates an art and culture festival. This festival in Jordan takes place to promote the culture, art and handmade crafts that are produced in Azraq and share the culture of the community. The lively festival, although it is one of the smaller festivals in Jordan attracts many people and offers plenty of music, local food, and dancing, along with the promotion of art and crafts.

Jerash Festival

This exciting festival in Jordan, in the ancient city of Jerash, happens to be one of the biggest cultural events not only in Jerash but in all of the country. The festival is inclusive and attracts both locals from the region and tourists who all want to enjoy the music, dancing, food, and crafts of the festival. The cultural event also promotes the arts by hosting a variety of workshops and lectures held by artists which are all open to the public to enjoy. There are also a variety of handmade crafts and food that are available at the Jerash Festival in Jordan.

Festivals in Jordan

Amman International Theatre Festival

An annual event held in Amman, the Amman International Theatre Festival is a dynamic festival in Jordan that promotes theatre and the arts. This Jordanian festival is hosted by an independent theatre company and celebrates local and regional talent showcasing work and art from the area. The event takes place in both English and Arabic with a variety of performances highlighting the cutting edge and inspirational theatre work and talent that is coming out of Jordan

Jordan Rally

Another festival in Jordan, the Jordan Rally is a thrill-seeking event that occurs annually creating a motorcar race and rallying competition. An entire race car set is created attracting large crowds who come from all over Jordan and surrounding areas to witness this exciting and adrenaline pumping car event and festival.

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