Around Jordan: Eilat in Israel

For a family-friendly break along the iconic Red Sea, Eilat in Israel offers fun-filled activities for all ages. From diving in the Red Sea to impressive camel rides across the desert, visitors will never be short of things to do in Eilat. A holiday to Eilat guarantees sandy beaches, calm waters and warm temperatures – ideal after a week of exploring Israel’s ancient cities.

History of Eilat

Eilat may be a 21st-century beach destination but before the sun loungers and luxury resorts, this coastal town was established by King David as a navy base. Since then Eilat has been involved in a number of battles. The most recent military operation was in 1949 by Israeli forces when Eilat became the furthest southernmost town in Israel. Today, Eilat is a popular resort town for both foreign visitors and residents who wish to spend their holidays by the sea.

Eilat in Israel by the Red Sea


Located in the south of Israel, Eilat is nestled beside the Red Sea. As the town is so far south it is far from Israel’s popular cities. Both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are located four hours by car or just over one hour by plane.

Things to do in Eilat

The Red Sea diving is a popular pastime in Eilat and one that should be high up on anyone’s Israel bucket list. The Red Sea is home to beautiful coral and marine life including lionfish, moray eel, and manta ray. There are many diving excursions and tour companies in Eilat that offer diving lessons as well as snorkeling. Families with younger children can opt for a glass bottom boat ride. Other water-based activities include sailing, kayaking, and jet skiing.

Another way to view the bottom of the ocean is by visiting the Coral World Underwater Observatory which is located 15 feet below sea level and offers wonderful views of the sea life. Another attraction that is popular with families is swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Reef. This thrilling experience is an unforgettable chance to get up close and personal with these beloved sea creatures.

Diving is a popular activity in Eilat.

Along with the large number of tourist attractions by the sea, Eilat is also a popular place for bird watching and is the home of the International Birdwatching Centre. Nature enthusiasts visit Eilat during the Europe to Africa migration flight which occurs from September to November and again in March to May.

Escape the seafront and uncover the ancient desert at Timna Vally National Park. Just a short drive away from the coastal town of Eilat the park comprises 8,000 acres of sand, rock formations and endangered animals including leopards and hyenas. Here visitors can also experience camel rides and thrilling four by four adventures.

You can also take various tours from Eilat (or from closeby Aqaba) to discover the rest of Israel.

How to visit Eilat

Spend a week in Eilat if you wish to relax on the beach, take part in some sea centered activities and visit Timna Valley National Park at leisure. If you are short of time, or, one week by the beach is too long for you, then a couple of days to rejuvenate will be plenty. In summer, locals flock to this coastal resort and temperatures soar. The weather in Eilat stays pleasant year round so visit during spring, autumn and winter for a quieter break.

Eilat is like a breath of fresh air in comparison to the bustling cities of Israel. It is a place to kick back and rejuvenate between sightseeing and offers plenty of fun for all ages.

Tours from Eilat to Jordan

If you are starting from Eilat, you can of course also take tours from here to Jordan, for example this Petra 1 Day Tour from Eilat or the Petra and Wadi Rum 2 Day Tour from Eilat.

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