Christmas in Jordan

Christmas in Jordan is celebrated across the country, but for those who are not religious, it is seen as more a celebration. Jordan is a Muslim country and it may surprise people to know that although Christmas is a Christian holiday it is also celebrated in Jordan. In fact, the population of Jordan includes both Muslims and Christians, who live peacefully together. Christians make up approximately 10% of the population serving as the minority in the region. Regardless, they are treated with respect and are able to celebrate this holiday in peace and harmony.

In Jordan, there is freedom for Christians to practice their religion and a lot of tolerance and awareness although the state religion in Jordan is Islam. As a result, Christmas in Jordan is actually a public holiday given to the entire country. For those who are not religious, Christmas in Jordan is celebrated as a secular holiday.

The Christians living in Jordan are some of the oldest Christian communities in the world and date back to residing in the region in the first century AD. Many of these Christians are Greek Orthodox and there are 29 Greek Orthodox Churches found in Jordan. Additionally, among the smaller Christian population in Jordan, there are Roman Catholics, Armenian Orthodox, Lutheran, Presbyterians, and Latter-day Saints among others.

Celebrating Christmas in Jordan

If you happen to be in Jordan over Christmas it is an exciting and festive season complete with parties, celebrations, and decorations. In the capital city of Amman, the warm holiday feelings can be felt all over the city. Many shops and cafes will put out decorations and Christmas lights and light displays pop up all over the city. Christmas trees can be found inside shopping malls and also decorated in the streets. Additionally, many hotels and restaurants will offer special holiday meals for those who celebrate and wish to enjoy a festive Christmas meal.

Christmas Travel in and Around Jordan

Christmas is a time of peace, love, harmony, sharing, and humanity which is something that can be felt all throughout Jordan, regardless of peoples religious backgrounds. Celebrating Christmas in Jordan is a unique and memorable experience for the holiday season. The best way to take part in the holiday season is to take our Bethany Beyond the Jordan tour in the very same place Jesus Christ was baptized by John. If you’re looking for something more immersive, longer, and vacation-friendly, take our holiday tour – promising the best of the best.

Another option for those who are celebrating Christmas in Jordan is to travel to Bethlehem in Israel to participate in Midnight Mass at the Church of Nativity. Similarly, the communities in Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Jerusalem celebrate a festive and meaningful Christmas. A convenient option is to join a tour from Jordan to Jerusalem.

Christmas Events in Jordan

From Christmas markets to choirs, handcrafts to baked goods, check out some of the events happening this Christmas in Jordan:

Christmas Village in Amman

Shams Vintage Bazaar in Amman

‘Tree Tales’ Christmas Tree Exhibition in Amman

Musical Christmas Carnival in Amman

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