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Things to do in Jordan

  • Jordan Cruises

    Cruises in Jordan

    Cruises in Jordan are continually becoming more popular offering travelers alternative ways to visit Jordan via the sea. Jordan is situated along the Red Sea in Aqaba, famous for the resorts... explore more
  • best galleries and creative spaces in Amman

    Best Galleries and Creative Spaces in Amman

    The capital of Jordan, Amman, has a rich history of typography and calligraphy seen both in the past and in the present in the best galleries and creative spaces in Amman.... explore more
  • how to use taxis in jordan

    How to use taxis in Jordan?

    While there are many ways to get around in Jordan, sometimes using a taxi is the best option for transportation in Jordan. It may be surprising that given the size and... explore more
  • best markets in Amman

    Best Markets in Amman

    Markets in Amman, also known as Souks are bustling with energy, people and of course, many unique items to buy. From spices and produce to jewelry, carpets, and pottery, the markets... explore more
  • Guide in Petra

    Do I need a tour guide in Petra?

    Have you asked yourself: “Do I need a tour guide in Petra?” Getting to Petra is exciting, enchanting and exhilarating. The lost city is steeped in wonder and showcases a vast... explore more
  • horses in jordan

    Horseback Riding in Jordan

    From the vivid desert landscapes of Wadi Rum to the ancient attractions in Petra, the terrain and natural surroundings in Jordan make an ideal destination for horseback riding. Beyond this, horses,... explore more
  • childrens museum jordan

    Jordan Children’s Museum

    For families traveling in Jordan, there are many sites and attractions found throughout the country. One of the highlights for children and families in Jordan is the Children’s Museum. About the Jordan... explore more
  • Local Bedouin in Petra

    Bedouin Hospitality in Jordan

    One of the highlights of traveling in the Middle East region is experiencing Bedouin hospitality in Jordan. Known as “desert dwellers”, the Bedouin people are a nomadic tribe of warm, humble... explore more
  • Yoga in Jordan

    Yoga in Jordan

    From the serene desert setting of Wadi Rum to the busy bustling capital city of Amman, yoga in Jordan is a special experience from beginners to the professional yogis. Ranging from... explore more