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Places to visit in Jordan

  • Umm Qais

    Umm Qais was once the thriving Roman city of Gadara. Today the area is home to magnificent ruins which draw thousands of visitors each year. Due to its hilltop location, Umm... explore more
  • Umm Al Jimal Ruins

    Situated close to the Jordanian-Syrian border are the ruins of the ancient town of Umm Al Jimal. It is made up of more than 150 buildings including 128 houses and 15... explore more
  • Pella

    Whilst visiting the city of Irbid, it would be foolish to miss a trip to the archaeological wonder of Pella. The site is located just a short drive from the town... explore more
  • Shobak Castle

    Set atop a mountain, Shobak Castle is an enchanting castle that was built in 1115 under the rule of King Baldwin I. Shobak Castle is particularly striking due to its remote... explore more
  • Qusayr Amra in Zarqa

    Qusayr Amra

    Nestled within the spectacular eastern desert of Jordan is Qusayr Amra; a small desert castle that formed part a large Umayyad complex which included a bathhouse, hunting lodge and a roadside... explore more
  • Qasr Kharana in the Jordanian desert

    Qasr Kharana

    Qasr Kharana is a poignant desert castle that could easily be mistaken for a large-scale movie set. This spectacular fortress is located within Jordan’s eastern desert, surrounded by miles of deserted... explore more
  • Qsar al-Azraq is worth a visit

    Qasr al-Azraq & Azraq

    Qasr al-Azraq is a crusader castle situated close to the small town of Azraq. This castle dates back to around 300AD, however; the section of the castle that remains today was... explore more
  • Mukawir

    Mukawir, also known as Machaerus, is a fortified palace that overlooks the iconic Dead Sea. Although little remains of this regal landmark today, visitors can still explore the Roman baths and... explore more
  • Near Mount Nebo

    Mount Nebo

    Mount Nebo is a sacred mountain in Jordan standing almost 1,000 meters high. The base of the mountain can be reached within 15 minutes by car from the center of Madaba.... explore more
  • How to get around in Jordan? With planes, buses and taxis, there are many way to get around Jordan by public transport.

    The King’s Highway

    At the first glance of a Jordanian map, The King’s Highway in Jordan may look like any other road but this 280-kilometer highway is a significant historic route that is mentioned... explore more