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Places to visit in Jordan

  • Roman Ruins in Jerash

    Top 3 Roman Ruins in Jordan

    We have selected the top three Roman sites in Jordan. Jordan once formed part of the Roman Empire and many towns were conquered and transformed into beautiful majestic cities. Today, visitors... explore more
  • High Place of Sacrifice in Petra is one of the location's highlights

    The High Place of Sacrifice in Petra

    The High Place of Sacrifice is located in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Petra. It is named after its high location perched on top of the Jebel Madbah Mountain. Also... explore more
  • Discover Wadi Mujib

    Wadi Mujib

    Wadi Mujib is a spellbinding canyon that towers above the Mujib River and stretches along 70 kilometers. The Mujib River in Jordan flows into the Dead Sea which is the lowest... explore more
  • The spectacular Wadi Rum desert

    24 Hours in Wadi Rum

    With only 24 hours in Wadi Rum, the best option is to stay overnight in the desert to really make the most of your time here. Wadi Rum is an area... explore more
  • Desert street in Wadi Rum

    Top Lawrence of Arabia Experiences in Jordan

    The stories of Lawrence of Arabia have grown in popularity in recent decades due to its fictional portrayals in Hollywood. Beyond the movies, the real Lawrence of Arabia was T.E Lawrence,... explore more
  • Wadi Musa

    Wadi Musa – translated to the Valley of Moses – is a town that is set within a valley that surrounds the ancient city of Petra. With a large number of... explore more
  • Al Beidha (Little Petra)

    Al Beidha is an ancient archaeological site located a few kilometers north of the World UNESCO site of Petra. Al Beidha is also known as Little Petra due to its similarities... explore more
  • Wadi Mujib is one of the Top Views in Jordan

    Top Views in Jordan

    It’s no secret that everyone loves a good view. From desert views, ocean views and views across ancient archaeological sites, Jordan is certainly a destination for stunning vistas. Our top views... explore more
  • Al Siq Canyon in Petra

    Al Siq Canyon in Petra

    Al Siq Canyon is the entrance to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Petra. The Siq is a narrow canyon that is 1.2 kilometers long, and visitors need to walk through... explore more
  • Umm Ar-Rasas

    Located 30 kilometers along the King’s Highway from Madaba is Umm ar-Rasas. This Unesco World Heritage Site is home to stunning mosaic floors which depict images from the Byzantine era. Umm... explore more