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Places to visit in Jordan

  • childrens museum jordan

    Jordan Children’s Museum

    For families traveling in Jordan, there are many sites and attractions found throughout the country. One of the highlights for children and families in Jordan is the Children’s Museum. About the Jordan... explore more
  • Local Bedouin in Petra

    Bedouin Hospitality in Jordan

    One of the highlights of traveling in the Middle East region is experiencing Bedouin hospitality in Jordan. Known as “desert dwellers”, the Bedouin people are a nomadic tribe of warm, humble... explore more
  • Shaurmari WildLife Reserve

    Shaumari Wildlife Reserve

    Situated near the town of Azraq, some 100 kilometers from the capital city, Amman, the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve is an important and rare environmental project committed to the preservation of animal... explore more
  • Azraq Reserve

    Azraq Wetland Reserve

    Found near the town of Azraq (approximately 100 km from Amman), the Azraq Wetland Reserve is another preservation project by the Royal Society for Conservation of Nature. Created in 1978, the... explore more
  • Amman Roman Theatre

    Amman Roman Theater

    A visit to the Roman Theatre is like taking a trip some 2000 years into history where the amphitheater once housed over 5000 onlookers and is still used currently for theatre... explore more
  • Things to do in Amman

    Things to do in Amman

    The bustling capital city of Amman is diverse, combining old and new and continuously evolving its identity. Amman is the biggest city in Jordan and has the most “western” feel compared... explore more
  • As-Salt


    As-Salt is a historical destination that continues to be an exciting attraction for travelers and is currently nominated to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Currently, As-Salt is a tentative site... explore more
  • Guide in Petra

    5 Things you can only do in Jordan

    Jordan is a magical and enchanting country, filled with ancient history, natural beauty and some of the most welcoming people in the world. It is easy to cross many items off... explore more
  • Jordan Spas

    Best Spas in Jordan

    From the Dead Sea to the Red Sea, Jordan is a perfect backdrop for rest and relaxation while visiting spas. There are a wide variety of spas from traditional European styles,... explore more
  • Hiking in Petra

    Top Hiking Trails in Jordan

    Whether you wish to walk for one hour or a few days we have picked the top hiking trails in Jordan that offer something for everyone. There is truly nothing comparable... explore more