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Places to visit in Jordan

  • Ajloun Forest Reserve

    Ajloun Forest Reserve

    Situated some 80 km north of Amman, near the Ajloun Governorate, the Ajloun Forest Reserve is about 13 square kilometers of protected land. Within the forest reserve, there is extensive wildlife,... explore more
  • Red Sea in Jordan

    The Red Sea in Jordan

    The port city of Aqaba overlooks the Red Sea in Jordan and is known for the extensive watersports, snorkeling and scuba diving. In fact, the Red Sea is famous for the... explore more
  • Jordan Cruises

    Cruises in Jordan

    Cruises in Jordan are continually becoming more popular offering travelers alternative ways to visit Jordan via the sea. Jordan is situated along the Red Sea in Aqaba, famous for the resorts... explore more
  • jabal al-weibdeh in amman

    Jabal al-Weibdeh Neighborhood

    The Jabal al-Weibdeh neighborhood is a bohemian, hipster area found in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Amman. It is filled with a variety of quaint cafes, painted murals, little shops... explore more
  • best galleries and creative spaces in Amman

    Best Galleries and Creative Spaces in Amman

    The capital of Jordan, Amman, has a rich history of typography and calligraphy seen both in the past and in the present in the best galleries and creative spaces in Amman.... explore more
  • Do I need a guide in Wadi Rum 2

    Do I need a tour guide in Wadi Rum?

    The Wadi Rum Desert, also known as the “Valley of the Moon” is one of the most beautiful and enchanting deserts in the world. Many travelers and visitors to the region... explore more
  • best markets in Amman

    Best Markets in Amman

    Markets in Amman, also known as Souks are bustling with energy, people and of course, many unique items to buy. From spices and produce to jewelry, carpets, and pottery, the markets... explore more
  • Jordan Museum in Amman

    The Jordan Museum

    The Jordan Museum is one of the highlights of Jordan in Amman and a glimpse into history. It is a great way to understand both the history and culture of Jordan... explore more
  • Instagram Petra

    5 Most Instagrammable Places in Jordan

    Jordan is an Instagram paradise, from the vibrant colored sand to the pink, rose-colored rock faces and ancient historical sites. The Wadi Rum Desert served as the set for the movie... explore more
  • Guide in Petra

    Do I need a tour guide in Petra?

    Have you asked yourself: “Do I need a tour guide in Petra?” Getting to Petra is exciting, enchanting and exhilarating. The lost city is steeped in wonder and showcases a vast... explore more