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Jordan Travel FAQ

  • Different seasons in Jordan

    The Best Season to Visit Jordan

    The best season to visit Jordan entirely depends on what you are looking for. If the idea of scorching hot temperatures and lounging by the pool every day sounds like a... explore more
  • There are a few very common Arabic phrases to use in Jordan

    Common Arabic Phrases to Use in Jordan

    Every traveler hopes to experience a country ‘the local way’, meeting local people, visiting the best neighborhood haunts and sitting down with local residents whilst tucking into delicious local delicacies. In... explore more
  • Amman Queen Alia Airport Guide

    Amman Queen Alia Airport Guide

    Queen Alia International airport is situated in Amman, just under one hour from the city center. Queen Alia airport is the largest airport in Jordan with direct international flights each day.... explore more
  • Advice for Travellers with children

    Advice for Travellers in Jordan

    Whether you are traveling to Jordan with children, with a disability, as an LGBT couple, independently or as part of a voluntary project, we have gathered all the advice for travelers... explore more
  • Learn everything about Jordan before you travel there

    About Jordan

    Mention the Middle East to a friend and they are likely to automatically associate it with conflict. Yes, this region has received much negative attention in recent years but this does... explore more
  • Local Bedouin in Jordan

    5 Things to Know Before Travelling to Jordan

    Jordan is a safe country to visit with friendly people and relaxed rules and regulations, particularly for foreign visitors. Of course, all countries have different cultures and customs from what we... explore more
  • Amman Citadel

    5 Reasons to Visit Jordan

    Glorious ancient architecture, desert adventures, deep sea diving, local homestays, delicious Jordanian cooking, spectacular holy sites, the Red Sea and the Dead Sea are just some of the reasons to visit... explore more
  • Visit Wadi Rum for your perfect Jordan vacation

    3 Steps to Planning Your Perfect Jordan Vacation

    Everyone wants a perfect holiday and we believe that everyone deserves one. The best way to make sure that you get that dream vacation is to plan well. When planning your... explore more
  • Hiking in Jordan is great fun

    Hiking in Jordan

    Year after year foreign visitors head to Jordan to marvel at its astonishing Roman ruins and regal architecture – and for good reason too. Yet, beyond these renowned sites, Jordan is... explore more
  • Arriving in Jordan by plane at Amman Queen Alia Airport or King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba.

    Getting to Jordan

    With daily international flights and plenty of overland transport options, getting to Jordan has never been easier. Whether you are flying from far afield or traveling to Jordan via a neighboring... explore more