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Jordan Travel FAQ

  • Shaurmari WildLife Reserve

    Shaumari Wildlife Reserve

    Situated near the town of Azraq, some 100 kilometers from the capital city, Amman, the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve is an important and rare environmental project committed to the preservation of animal... explore more
  • Azraq Reserve

    Azraq Wetland Reserve

    Found near the town of Azraq (approximately 100 km from Amman), the Azraq Wetland Reserve is another preservation project by the Royal Society for Conservation of Nature. Created in 1978, the... explore more
  • Amman Roman Theatre

    Amman Roman Theater

    A visit to the Roman Theatre is like taking a trip some 2000 years into history where the amphitheater once housed over 5000 onlookers and is still used currently for theatre... explore more
  • things to know before tap water

    Is It Safe To Drink Tap Water in Jordan?

    Traveling in Jordan means exposure to dry, hot weather which is affected by the aridity of the desert surroundings and landscape. Regardless of the climate, when traveling, it is always important... explore more
  • Guide in Petra

    5 Things you can only do in Jordan

    Jordan is a magical and enchanting country, filled with ancient history, natural beauty and some of the most welcoming people in the world. It is easy to cross many items off... explore more
  • Jordanian Sweets

    Jordanian Sweets and Desserts

    Want to know more about Jordanian Food? Here is a guide to Jordanian Sweets and Desserts ideal for satisfying a sweet tooth or the perfect treat to enjoy with a traditional... explore more
  • Jordanian Main Dishes

    Jordanian Food | Main Dishes in Jordan

    Food is a big part of the Jordanian culture seen in everyday life and celebrations. From street food to fine-dining, Jordanian food is inherently traditional, using authentic cooking methods and recipes... explore more
  • Best Family Hotels in Jordan Kempinski Hotel

    Best Family Hotels in Jordan

    Finding suitable family-friendly accommodation in Jordan is easy as there are many hotels to choose from, including 5-star resorts and luxury hotels. When looking for a family-friendly option that won’t break... explore more
  • Relaxing at the Dead Sea in Jordan

    Jordan on a budget

    Traveling in Jordan can add up, and most travelers are always looking for ways to save money or avoid being taken advantage of in a foreign place. While there are some... explore more
  • Celebrating Christmas in Jordan

    Christmas in Jordan

    Christmas in Jordan is celebrated across the country, but for those who are not religious, it is seen as more a celebration. Jordan is a Muslim country and it may surprise... explore more